Saturday, January 31

Wretched Wisdom By Krallice (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Black Metal)

Most of the music I post here is in the indierock/electronic vein, but let me tell you I have a major soft spot for trash and speedmetal circa 1985-1992. I admit it. After the Metallica black album, that soft spot hardened. Time passed. Then metal crossed over into indie. I really liked that first album by The Sword. I wanted to get into Mastodon when I first heard of them, but it never really took. I dig them when they come up on random on iTunes, but I never really seek them out.

"Barael's Blade" ( mp3) by The Sword
"March Of The Fire Ants" ( mp3) by Mastodon

Then I started checking out instrumental postmetal (via thepunkguy, thanks Krist), e.g. Russian Circles and Pelican, kickass. I think I liked the instrumental part of the equation as I am not a big fan of the cookie monster vocals.

"Station" ( mp3) by Russian Circles
"City of Echoes" ( mp3) by Pelican

When I was checking into that genre, one name kept popping up... Krallice.

They look like this:

This is not instrumental postmetal. This is the non-satanist American variant of Black Metal played by guys who have roots in the prog/jazz/post/tech-metal of Orthrelm and Behold...The Arctopus. This is less noodly and proggy. Nevertheless, this is a commitment. The shortest song is on the Krallice self-titled album is 6:08. The mp3 below clocks in at 10:17. Because the screamy vocals are very low in the mix, for me this is a new genre almostinstrumentalblackmetal. It is AWE-some (in the true meaning of the word). I wish someone told me about this when it came out in July last year.

Downloadable: "Wretched Wisdom" ( mp3) by Krallice

Am I going to be sucked in to an investigation of Black Metal? I had always rejected the genre as "too extreme," but maybe I just wasn't ready for it. We'll see.

Profound Lore is here.
Amazon MP3 page is here.
eMusic page is here.

Consider CLICKing
- Deerhunter side-proj, Lotus Plaza has a new new new mp3 available on Stereogum... here.

- Raven Sings The Blues brings you "two great female fronted doses of fuzzed pop." Check out the Blank Its and Golden Triangle... here. (Note: Methinks we'll see more of these bands around this here web presence).

The Krallice album

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Friday, January 30

Friday Night Vids: 1/30/09

Streamable: "So Fine" (youtube) by Telepathe

Streamable: "Crystal Mines" ( by CFCF

Streamable: "Mantis" ( by Psychic Ills

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12 Awesome MP3s That Were Not Freakin' Everywhere In 2008

A 2008 post? Why not? You know there is still stuff you missed last year. Like why didn't anyone tell me that Krallice album rules (a post about that coming soon)? Here are, umm, 12 awesome mp3s that were not freakin' everywhere in 2008. Enjoy.

"Dog Years" ( mp3) by Ghetto Cross (2 posts)

"Draped Up, Oxed Out" ( mp3) by Smart Growth (2 posts)

"Hands Up (The Race)" ( mp3) by Susu (4 posts)

"Rum For You (Edit)" ( mp3) by BUKE AND GāSS (2 posts)

"Stains" ( mp3) by Flying (2 posts)

"The Greatest Gift (Scratch Acid Cover)" ( mp3) (mp3) by We Versus The Shark (1 post)

"GO to WHERE its Clear" ( mp3) by Paul Fuster (1 post)

"Rather Dull" ( mp3) by Psychedelic Horseshit (4 posts)

"Van v Art" (sxsw 2008 mp3) by Necropolis (2 posts)

"Crystal Ladies" ( mp3) by Blank Dogs (5 posts)

"The French Revolution" ( mp3) By Motico (1 post)

"Bastard In Love (Black Flag Cover)" ( mp3) by Mika Miko (1 post)

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- New New New Black Lips... "Short Fuse" (vice mp3)

- Happy belated B-Day largeheartedboy!... here.

- The Diamond Center has a new new new countryfried promomp3... "WTT" ( mp3)

- Part Two of the free and legal mp3 manifesto! Read it @ Fingertips... here.

- #1 blog TSURURADIO posts about bkylnbedroomrockers Here We Go Magic. Believe the hype... here.

- EARFARM reviews a recent show by Suckers... here.

- Watch the Wavves hits Austin over at Covert Curiosity... here.

- Listen to a Spoon FM boot? Where else? Captain's Dead... here.

12 Awesome MP3s That Were Not Freakin' Everywhere In 2008

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Wednesday, January 28

Bruce Springsteen Vs. Wipers

First off, if you have not checked out Christoper Weingarten's (ex-ptw, ex-Parts & Labor) new mini-review project Poisson D’Avril make with the clicking. Plus, you can twitter the reviews @1000TimesYes. His #44 review for the new Bruce Springsteen record: "The anti-808s And Heartbreak. Hard work pays off in life and love and DC. Dream, baby, dream.=8" But then I saw this tweet yesterday: "Bruce Springsteen's super-posi, sorta Wipers-esque Working On A Dream is out today!" I thought "sorta Wipers-esque", whaa?

Upon re-listening to "My Lucky Day" I could kinda/sorta hear some Greg Sage, but I'm still kinda skeptical. What do you all think?

Streamable: "My Lucky Day" (myspace) or stream the whole of Working On A Dream @ NPR


Downloadable: "Misfit" ( mp3) by Wipers from Is This Real?

Working On A Dream Amazon MP3 page... here.
Purchase Is This Real? from Zeno Records... here.

Consider CLICKing
- The year 1989 is 20 years old??? Grungeblog Lamestain has the awesome mixtape zip to celebrate... here.

- Download the nyctaper's taping of These Are Powers @ The Bell House... here.

- thepunkguy posts a very special Kinks cover by The Raincoats. If you do not know what I am talking about... click here.

- Listen to the latest BMSR sampler... "Eating Us (Pieces)" (graveface mp3)

- O'Death has put together a mix for When You Awake entitled, Top 10 Women Singers I Wish I Sounded Like If I Was a Woman (and a quintessential song each). Dig it... here.

Bruce Springsteen Vs. Wipers

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Tuesday, January 27

Truth Is Stranger Than Fishing By Volcano Suns

Holy Shit! Is Merge giving away the mp3 and flac versions of The Bright Orange Years and All Night Lotus Party by Volcano Suns?? It looks like it.

Listen: "Truth Is Stranger Than Fishing" ( mp3)

Download the albums here (for what I assume is a limited time). What are you waiting for, huh?

UPDATE: The freebie (if it ever existed) is now gone. Mp3 downloads of the albums cost $8.99 each, here.

For those of you who want a physical product and not just 0's and 1's, they are selling both cds in a multipack for $20, here.

FYI: Volcano Suns were founded in 1983 by former Mission Of Burma drummer Peter Prescott. For more history and confusing lineup changes read their wiki... here.

Merge Records page is here.
Touch & Go page is here.

Consider CLICKing
- New New New dd/mm/yyyy... "Digital Haircut" (kill beat mp3), also new new new Reigns... "Everything Beyond These Walls Has Been Razed" (fanatic mp3)

- I Rock Cleveland revs up the Rock-o-meter for the new Animal Collective... here.

- Finally, someone is listening to me (in the Isle of Man)... here.

- There is a free Park The Van sampler available at Amazon... here.

- Raven Sings The Blues explores the "new era of dub experimentalism" with Mi Ami... here.

- Panther covers Lou Reed's ??Metal Machine Music??... here.

Volcano Suns

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Monday, January 26

Don't Taunt A Tiger By Slothbear

Slothbear are batesmaroo, doblique, jamoots and palz. They have some new jams up at their myspace. Maybe when "Olio" is in a more final form it will show up in my inbox (hint hint).

Question: Did you know they are sworn zoocrats? They believe in, yes... rule by animals. This may have something to do with the fact that they are stuck out on Long Island.

Downloadable: "Don't Taunt A Tiger" ( mp3)

Downloadable EP: "Slothbear EP" (rack and ruin zip)

Slothbear's spotblog is here.
Rack And Ruin page is here. page is here.

Previously POSTED: "The Exceptional Bastards" ( mp3)

Consider CLICKing
- Check out the FADER freeload of Blues Control... here.

- PUKEKOS takes on the topic of posting Wavves... here.


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Friday, January 23

Baraat By Rude Mechanical Orchestra

The Rude Mechanical Orchestra killed it last night at the Matt & Kim show, upstaging even secret special guest Spank Rock who was trying out some new material. You may remember RMO from this post. They are "radical" -- as in they support feminist, queer, labor, environmental, social and economic justice, peace, and other progressive causes. Speaking of which, RMO have a gig coming up at The St. Pat's for All Parade (43rd St and Skillman Ave, Sunnyside, Queens) on Sun Mar 01 @ 2 PM. Listen to them play one of their trademark songs, the title track to the 2001 film Monsoon Wedding.

Downloadable: "Baraat" ( mp3) (composed by Mychael Danna)

Streamable: "Push It (Salt-n-Pepa Cover Live At Honk! Festival)" (youtube)

Myspace page is here.
Donate to RMO here.
Props to RMO for telling people about this fucking insane story.

Consider CLICKing
- Royal Bangs perform new track "Who Am Kong" for Daytrotter... here.

- Cadence Weapon sets up a Radiohead/NIN/GirlTalk/Saul Williams-style payment system for his new electrohop record Separation Anxiety... here.

- Burning World posts a kick ass Pixies boot... here.

Rude Mechanical Orchestra

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Thursday, January 22

Don't Slow Down By Matt & Kim

Matt And Kim (a/k/a Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino) have a new album Grand. It is filled with Vermont-recorded BKLYNsynthpop. Get ready for handclaps everyone. First off, this one is less punky, more mid tempo. I am kind of interested in hearing how some of the songs will sound live. Plus, I must say I am surprised that the album doesn't come preloaded with remixes (note: there is one "outro mix"), but I guess we will have to wait for the remixes in the coming months. Anyway, the new album looks like this:

Matt & Kim Grand

"Don't Slow Down" ( mp3)
"Good Ol' Fashioned Nightmare" ( mp3)

Streamable: Grand (spinner album stream)

More? Interview links? I has them. Read the Brooklyn Based interview (here). Topics covered... health insurance, twin beds, The White Stripes, Todd P, day jobs. Read the p'fork interview (here). Topics covered... selling out, Rick Rubin, performing on the floor vs the stage, Fugazi.

Tonight at the Music Hall of Williamsburg it's the record release show. As for the Secret Special Guests, here is my lame attempt at a guess:

Ninjasonik (prolly)
Team Robespierre (prolly)
Flosstradamus (maybe)
Parts & Labor (maybe)

Hopefully, there will be no Converse or Mountain Dew banners covering the "slippery slope" that is the stage.

Myspace page is here.
Fader Label is here.
IHEARTCOMIX page is here.
Moshi Moshi is here.
Amazon MP3 page is here.
eMusic page is here.

earlier-song-with-the-same-title-as-the-new-album BONUS: "Grand" ( mp3)

Consider CLICKing
- Unnecessary Newsflash! Animal Collective are all over the place these days. Two new examples: (1) The new video for "My Girls" (youtube) and (2) That bassy Mexicans With Guns RMX... "My Girls (Mexicans With Guns Remix)" (antipop mp3)

- The Pazz N Jop poll is up. Read it... here.

- Just Listen: "Handed" (thrill jockey mp3) by Lithops (the alterego of Jan St Werner of Mouse On Mars)

- Listen to Hella offshoot sBACH's recent Daytrotter session... here.

- WFMU has a bunch of live, umm, Puffy Areolas (the BAND, not the body part, you perverts)... here.

- PUKEKOS posts a few Brenmar tracks (whom you may remember from this post)... here.

Matt & Kim

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Housewolf By Eula

Eula are Alyse (vocals, guitar) + Jef (bass) + Nate (drums). They describe themselves thusly... "Pulsating, sincere on verge of unraveling happy distortion. Running down complex flourishes with clarity melodious squares. Beat Beat crash crash slap swelling to precise fullness pooling on the floor." I can summarize for you: indie rock filled with postpunky goodness. The Connecticut trio are releasing a physical copy of their latest EP, Language Of Threat in March (I think). Take a listen.

"Housewolf" ( mp3)
"Fight Riff" ( mp3)

Eula have an upcoming NYC show on Valentine's Day @ The Charleston.

Myspace page is here.
Lots more Eula mp3s are here.
Old PTST post is here.

Demo BONUS: "Tree For Shade" ( mp3)

Consider CLICKing
- Culture Bully schools you on Double Dee and Steinski... here.

- NYCtaper taped the recent sold out Animal Collective show. Get the dl... here. WARNING: you may get a "Service Temporarily Unavailable" error.

- It's Little Girls Vs. Fungi Girls @ Gorilla Vs. Bear... here.

- Speaking of girls, MOKB interviews your favorite ADDmasher, Girl Talk... here.

- There are "No Guitars" over at The Contrast Podcast this week... here.


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Sunday, January 18

Liveblogging: The Forms @ The Bell House

I doubt you are checking your rss feeds right now, but I am about to see The Forms at The Bell House in lovely Gowanusland, BKLYN. So far I am digging The Bell House. The Smuttynose is excellent, and I am liking the "vibe" so to speak. Right now there is some setting up. Then The Forms.

Eventhough it was kind of shitty out, I was all like... "fuck it, I'm seeing the Forms."

This post will be updated later with links and pics and maybe vids. If you are reading this before I update it, I highly recommend that you follow The Forms tag below and listen to some of their mp3s. I am hoping the live experience lives up, my expectations are high.

[UPDATE] Expectations met. Really enjoyed hearing the bass-less revamped versions of songs off the self-titled long player.

Here are some (previously posted) mp3s:
"Knowledge In Hand" ( mp3)
"Focus" ( mp3)
"Red Gun" (mp3)
"Bones" (mp3)

Here are a few youtubed vids:
"Red Gun from SXSW 2007" (youtube)
"All Apologies (Nirvana Cover, Sort Of)" (youtube)
"Alpha" (youtube)

Here are some pics:
The Forms

The Forms

The Forms

The Forms

The Forms Dot Org is here.
Three Spheres are here.
Amazon MP3 page is here.
eMusic page is here.

Consider CLICKing
- Blank Dogs' blogspot has been removed. His only web presence is now owned by Rupert Murdoch... here.

- Check out the mp3 download of NYCTaper's debut show on here. The first song, "Take the Skinheads Bowling" (youtube) by Camper Van Beethoven.

- Tullycraft posts the awesomeness of the Serious Cat 7" version of "I Suck" by New Bad Things... here.

- Read (and watch) Pop Tarts Suck Toasted's coverage of The Soft Packs' first show in NYC with their new moniker... here.

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Nashville By Gospel Gossip

Short(er than usual) post today. Here's something awesome listen to...

Downloadable: "Nashville" ( mp3) by Minnesota shoegazers Gospel Gossip

Guilt Ridden Pop page is here.
Amazon MP3 page is here.
eMusic page is here.

Consider CLICKing
- The band that should be playing the inauguration... here. [hint]

- Watch: "It's Hard to be a White Boy in 1992" (youtube) by Hot Cha Cha

- This weekend on Daytrotter: Minipop (here) and TK Webb And The Visions (here).

- Burning World has a Time New Viking boot for your listening enjoyment... here.

Gospel Gossip

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Saturday, January 17

LIVE: Two Headed Coin By Obits

Today I have a live track for you that has been burning a hole in my ipod. It's by Obits. Did you know they have an album coming out on Sub Pop? It is called I Blame You. Check out the awesome coverart... here. It comes out March 23rd. I expect a free mp3 from Sub Pop and some pre-order info soon.

ERMP Downloadable: "Two Headed Coin" ( mp3) (source: punkcast)

Myspace page is here.
Sub Pop page is here.
Comedy Minus One is here.

Consider CLICKing
- Best Of 2008: Brooklyn Vegan's Year In Metal... here.

- Stereogum posts newer non-demo PPM version of "In The Dark" (demo mp3) by Gun Outfit... here.

- New New New Psychic Ills... here and here.

- RCRDLBL posts a Reviver-ing Abe Vigoda mp3... here.

- Right here is the latest in Anticon promomp3s... "Fly Mode" (anticon mp3) by Odd Nosdam

obits @ ERMP
(source: flickr)

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Friday, January 16

January 2008 Mix

Now that we are a little bit into the new year, let's take some time to look back and reflect. Put down that vinyl copy of Merriweather Post Pavilion and listen to the sounds of January 2008.

Downloadable: "January 2008 Mix" ( zip)

The Tracks...
1. "Hibernation" ( mp3) by Blood On The Wall
2. "Bad Blood" ( mp3) by The Big Sleep
3. "DROP-OUT" (matador mp3) by Times New Viking
4. "Never Had Less" (dead canary mp3) by Grafton
5. "ZZZPenchant" (asthmatic kitty mp3) by Rafter
6. "She Dares All Things" ( mp3) by Panda Riot
7. "Desert Song" ( mp3) by The Sharp Ease
8. "Armament" (southern mp3) by A Whisper In The Noise
9. "The Sad Businessman" (scjag mp3) by Company
10. "Warning" (merge mp3) by Wye Oak
11. "Air Barriers" ( mp3) by Voodoo Economics
12. "Tane Mahuta" (sub pop mp3) by Ruby Suns
13. "Debbie (Daytrotter Session)" by Architecture In Helsinki
14. "Fata Morgana" ( mp3) by El Guincho
15. "Heaven (Pictureplane Remix)" ( mp3) by Health
16. "The March" (social registry mp3) by Telepathe
17. "Static Leads The Coup" ( mp3) by Yea Big + Kid Static
18. "House Music" ( mp3) by Cadence Weapon

Consider CLICKing
- Best Of 2008: Instrumental Analysis' Albums Of The Year... here.

- NEVVER posts a "Get UR Freak On" cover by jazzy weirdo Shawn Lee and his Ping Pong Orchestra... here.

- DAYTROTTER FLASHBACK! check out this awesome Dan Sartain session from 2007 that I somehow totally missed... here.

January 2008 Mix

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Thursday, January 15

YOUTUBE: Young Love Delivers By Oxford Collapse

And now a new new new video by Oxford Collapse.

Streamable: "Young Love Delivers" (youtube)

Myspace page is here.
Sub Pop page is here.
Comedy Minus One is here.
Flame Shovel is here.
Daytrotter session is here.
Amazon MP3 page is here.
eMusic page is here.

BONUS: "The Tribal Rites Of The New Saturday Night" ( mp3)

Consider CLICKing
- Download a kickass 1992 Superchunk boot over @ captain's dead... here.

- Get 1:30 of MF Doom... "Ballskin" ( mp3). Props to East Of LA. Doom's new album will be released on Lex.

- [UPDATE] Check out the Dark Was The Night compilation promomp3... "Knotty Pine" (4ad mp3) by The Dirty Projectors + David Byrne. The comp will be released on Feb 17.

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Wednesday, January 14

Honda By Tyvek

Not since Yo La Tengo's cover of "Little Honda" ( mp3) has there been a catchyass Honda-related song like this.

What am I talking about? I am talking about this 2007 song from Tyvek or is that Tyvjk or TVK or (just kidding) The DuPont Funtime Band.

Downloadable: "Honda" ( mp3)

What's Your Rupture is here.
The DuPont product/name change motivation wiki is here.
Amazon MP3 page is here.

Consider CLICKing
- Check out what Pop Tarts Suck Toasted has to say about the new Brilliant Sweaters album Music Is Free... here. By the way, the album is free and can be dl'ed... here. Listen to a great kiss off song: "I Love You But You're Worthless" ( mp3)

- Check out NJ mellow surfpoppers Real Estate @ Gorilla Vs. Bear... here.

- Download the new Insound Digital Mix Tape... here.

- Get Excited! The new Sonic Youth record will be "a record replete with juicy supersonic songs!" so says pop music mag NME... here. Listen to a Crime cover: "Hot Wire My Heart" ( mp3)


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Tuesday, January 13

The Mountain By Heartless Bastards

Do you like Heartless Bastards? Sure we all do. Well, their new record comes out on Feb 3. It is entitled The Mountain. Here is the promo track. Check it.

Downloadable: "The Mountain" (fat possum mp3)

Myspace page is here.
Fat Possum is here.
Sonicbids page is here.
eMusic page is here.

Consider CLICKing
- How come no one told me about Daytrotter's Bookery? Props to A Different Stripe for pointing out that Daytrotter has Tatyana Tolstaya's Okkervil River read by Will Sheff of Okkervil River... here.
FYI: Okkervil River's Daytotter session is here.

- 10 (9 really) Brooklyn bands you should be listening to @ EARFARM... here.

- Listen to a song with a realllly long title: "The Moon Shifts The Sea The Sea Shapes The Shore The Shore Shakes The Sand The Sand Sinks The Ships" (team clermont mp3) by A. Armada

Heartless Bastards

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Monday, January 12

Float By Aesop Rock

Aesop Rock's recent Daytrotter session was, how should I put this... fucking awesome. It sent me searching his back catalog. This is the title track from his second long player, newly available at eMusic.

"Float" ( mp3)

The Blockhead mini-Instrumentals from Float
"Breakfast With Blockhead" ( mp3)
"Lunch With Blockhead" ( mp3)
"Dinner With Blockhead" ( mp3)

Def Jux page is here
Mush Records is here.
eMusic page is here

new shit BONUS: "Tomorrow Morning" ( mp3)

Consider CLICKing
- When was the last time you check out one of Swan Fungus's Sunday mix tapes?? Well, get on it then... here.

- It's Not [NEVVER's] Place (In The 9 to 5 World) by The Ramones... here.

- Listen to some Natural Numbers over @ XXJFG... here.

Aesop Rock

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Saturday, January 10

Gumball Machine Weekend (Pollination Remix) By Yppah

What do I have for you today?

Why it's Psychedelic/Experimental/Acousmatic/Tape Music artist Pollination remixing Rock/Soul/Shoegaze artist Yppah. Dig it.

Downloadable: "Gumball Machine Weekend (Pollination Remix)" (

The original track for comparison purposes: "Gumball Machine Weekend" (

Pollination will be putting out an EP sometime in the near future. It will "probably" be on iTunes and "possibly" have a physical release through "maybe" Exponential Records. (Plus, Exponential Records SXSW 2009 Sampler is streamable... here).

Downloadable: "Sinister Skies" (

Yppah Wiki Wiki Wiki here.
Yppah Imeem page is here.
Yppah eMusic page is here.
Ninjatune is here.
Day Of The Woman myspace page is here.
Exponential Records is here.
Pollination myspace page is here.
Low Scores myspace page is here.
Low Scores page is here.
Day Of The Woman is here.
10k Cities is here.

Consider CLICKing
- Check out some 1993 Braniac youtubeage plus an mp3 @ Catbirdseat... here.

- Raven Sings The Blues about psychrockers Weird Owl... here.

- Mid-Atlantic indie blog Instrumental Analysis posts a new new new track by US Royalty... here.

- Sadly, Increase Your Weirdness is closing up shop and posting one more Dead Kennedys track. Go get download some awesomeness while the links still work... here.

- one extra Gumball BONUS: "New Rose" ( by Gumball


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Friday, January 9

Crystal Mines By CFCF

I first heard CFCF (a/k/a Michael Silver of Montreal, CA) when I dl'ed those HEALTH//DISCO remixes which blew my mind into pieces last year. When I heard he was working on original material, I do believe I squealed with a Ren-ish "EEEEEEEEE." Were my expectations a little high? Probably. Anyway, his EP will drop on January 20th. It is called Panesian Nights. Here is a taste.

Downloadable: "Crystal Mines" ( mp3)

Here is the Health remix mentioned above.

Downloadable: "Triceratops (CFCF Remix)" ( mp3)

Here is the original for comparison purposes.

Downloadable: "Triceratops" ( mp3)

I also just remembered that CFCF did a Genghis Tron remix

Downloadable: "Recursion (CFCF Remix)" ( mp3)

Once again, the original for comparison purposes.

Downloadable: "Recursion" ( mp3)

Paper Bag Records is here.
Ace Phale is here.
Viva Radio is here.
Amazon MP3 page is here (nothing is available yet).

Consider CLICKing
- Pale Young Gentlemen doing a MIA cover? Whaa? "Paper Planes" (pale young mp3)

- P'fork has the mp3 of "Lights Go Down" by Telepathe for your downloading pleasure... here.

- The FADER posts a new Abe Vigoda track, "Don't Lie"... here. I would not be surprised if this song shows up on GT in the near future. I really wouldn't.

- Tullycraft leaks a new new new Matt & Kim mp3... here.

- Best Of 2008: Top 20 Songs from Fuck You On Friday (here), also the requisite Top 20 of 2008 gayness (here). I'm sure they mean "gay" as in "happy," right?


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Wednesday, January 7

Bear By The Antlers

The second single from Hospice takes its time getting going, but who cares it's The Antlers. Dig it.

Downloadable: "Bear" ( mp3)

Download the first single "Two"... here.

Hospice is set for self-release on March 3rd. Check out the album art by Zan Goodman... here.

At 8:30pm on January 22nd, The Antlers are the first band to play at the Naked Hearts record release show at The Cake Shop. See them LIVE! Here's the rest of the bill:

9:15pm: Air Waves
Listen: "Shine On" ( mp3)

10:00pm: Naked Hearts
Listen: "Mass Hysteria" (mp3)

11:00pm: MKNG FRNDZ
Watch: "Situation" (youtube)

Myspace page is here.
Fall Records is here.
Lots more free mp3s at The Antlers website... here.

Consider CLICKing
- new new new weirdness from Other Electricities artist Baja... "Deleth" (other electricities mp3)

- We're #7! on Pop Tarts Suck Toasted Top 10: Blogs to Read in 2009!... here. And I will confirm this for you right now... we here at GT World Headquarters are definitely less than verbose. In fact, I am getting uncomfortable typing this much. No time. Must go. Clicking Publish Post.

The Antlers

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Tuesday, January 6

STREAM: Get Older By Dan Deacon

A new new new Dan Deacon stream just showed up in my inbox. Enjoy.

Official Dan Deacon site is here.
Myspace page is here.
Carpark Records is here.
Standard Oil Records are here.
Wham City is here.
eMusic page is here


Monday, January 5

When Your Mask Is Your Revealing Feature By The Oranges Band

The Oranges Band's newest album... The Oranges Band Are Invisible is gonna have it's official release (I think) later this year, but you can already get your hands on it here or here. In case you missed it, I posted one track from the album last year. Here is another track with a pretty different feel to it. I can't quite put my finger on the reference Mr. Kuebler is making here. It will come to me sometime after the post goes up. Anyway, listen to this...

Downloadable: "When Your Mask Is Your Revealing Feature" ( mp3)

Myspace page is here.
Every7th is here.
Lookout Records page is here.
Morphius page is here.
eMusic page is here.

Consider CLICKing
- Dark Meat's session de la Daytrotter can be found... here.

- Chunklet posts a Peel Session from post-Minutemen project fIREHOSE ... here.

- Leaky Leaky... here.

- Best Of 2008: Top Ten Albums From Northeast Ohio @ I Rock Cleveland... here; also The Awards post... here.

- Best Of 2008: Best Album Cover Art @ musicisart... here.

- Best Of 2008: OFF THE RECORD's Top 20 Albums... here.

- Best Of 2008: Skatterbrain looks back at the year... here.

- Best Of 2008: Out The Other's favorite songs... here and herr and here and here and here.

- Best Of 2008: Sound Bites' Best of Singles, Tracks + EPs... here.

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- RANDOM REPOST: "Teenage FBI" (mp3) by Guided By Voices

The Oranges Band

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