Sunday, December 30

Top 11 Downloadables That Were Not Freakin' Everywhere in 2007 a/k/a t11mp3twnfe2007


This post is entitled Top 11 Downloadables That Were Not Freakin' Everywhere in 2007 or simply t11mp3twnfe2007. This list is comprised of bands that I think should have received a lot more attention than they did in 2007. I just wanted to thank the following bands for making 2007 awesome:

The Crystal Stilts
Comment: Love that kick-drum percussion plus surfy gits.

Double Dagger
Comment: Double Dagger do not fuck around. Nuff said.

The Duke Spirit
Comment: Chris Goss does good with the Duke Spirit.

El Jesus De Magico
Comment: Ohio. Ohio. Ohio.

The Exeter Popes
Comment: Their sound pays tribute to the same bands as Oxford Collapse but their name references a different town in England. Coincidence?

Freedom Haters
Comment: Besides having the greatest band name of the year, these cats can write songs yo.

The Future Of The Left
Comment: 2/3's of Mclusky is good enough for me. SAUM would be on this list too, but all I heard of them was this. Plus, I don't live in Australia.

Comment: They serve up slabs of countryfolkpunk goodness. If you haven't heard it check out their Pixies cover of "Nimrod's Son" (ysi mp3). It's the best damn Pixies cover I have ever heard, know why? Because they make it their own.

Comment: Just the right blend of guitar, bass, drums, and samples. Perfecto.

The Shaky Hands
Comment: This band writes songs that stick in my head (and yours too, prolly).

Comment: (postpunk * catpowerness) + violin = Green Seat!

Download: "t11mp3twnfe2007" (zip)

Oh yeah... the track listing:

t11mp3twnfe2007 track listing

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Friday, December 28

The 47 Best Downloadables Of 2007

I know, I know you've been waiting. You want to download the some of the best songs of 2007 and simply don't know where to turn. The massiveness of the internets is overwhelming. Fear not. I have complied the best downloadable songs from GT this past year.

And yes, some of these songs were not officially released in 2007. So what? As for ranking, these songs are arranged using the power of the alphabet! Oh, don't be so obsessed with ranking things and just enjoy.


"Aly Walk With Me" (mp3 with a plug at the end of it) by The Raveonettes
Comment: Atmospheric + Wall Of Noise + Big Beats = Quite Kickass. Check out the Ruby Isle cover... here.

"Attitude (Misfits Cover)" ( mp3) by Mika Miko
Comment: My favorite Misfits cover since Bratmobile did "Where Eagles Dare" (ysi mp3)


"Babies" (mp3) by Jana Hunter
Comment: When is Jracula putting a proper album out? Wait have they? Fuck! Huh?

"Black Mirror" (mp3) by Arcade Fire
Comment: Why does this song always make me think of Lost Highway?

"Bomb.Repeat.Bomb." ( mp3) by Ted Leo + The Pharmacists
Comment: Wins the GT 2007 Award for Best Political Song. Watch the video... here.


"Capricornations" (mp3) by Mika Miko
Comment: You never forget your first Mika Miko song.

"Chromes On It" (mp3) by Telepathe
Comment: Looking forward to a full length.

"Cold Hands" (mp3) by Black Lips
Comment: The Black Lips doin' what they do.

"Crimewave" (mp3) by Health
Comment: Uberblogged band Health rip it up.


"Dead Sound" (mp3) by The Raveonettes
Comment: When will JAMC stop influencing bands? Not bloody soon, I'll tell you that.

"Don't Touch My Shit" (mp3) by The Coathangers
Comment: Don't Touch My Shit. Awesome.

"Drippy Eye" ( mp3) by Black Moth Super Rainbow
Comment: This is my cat's theme song. Is this your cat's theme song too?

"Dumb Luck (Remix)" (mp3) performed by DNTEL remixed by Low Scores
Comment: I like this more than the original.


"Evergreen" (mp3) by Celebration
Comment: Soundtrack for the end of the world.


"Flying To You" (mp3) by Unlove
Comment: Booming and anthemic, but not released this year. Fuck it.

"Fractured Skies" (mp3) by Parts & Labor
Comment: The postmodern postpunk anthem. Wins the GT 2007 award for Best Use Of A Dot Matrix Printer In A Song.


"Get Hurt" (mp3) by NO AGE
Comment: Sounds just like Wives... [snicker].


"Heimdalsgate Like A Promethean Curse" (mp3) by Of Montreal
Comment: C'mon Chemicals... annoying and wonderful, at the same time.


"(I'm A) Donkey For Your Love" (mp3) by BOAT
Comment: Catchy as all... well you know.

"It Fit When I Was A Kid (Remix)" (mp3) performed by Liars and remixed by Crystal Castles
Comment: This song is like... ok, what if... Liars were cyborgs?? huh?


"Just As The Day Was Dawning" (mp3) by Big Business
Comment: You could say their sound is as "Big As A Mountain" (ysi mp3)


"Knowledge In Hand" (mp3) (source: myspace) by The Forms
Comment: Runner up for Song Of The Year.


"Mr. Prison Shanks" (mp3) by Made Out Of Babies
Comment: Fuck. Heavy. Fucking Heavy!

"(My Head)/R.I.P. Allegory" (mp3) by Times New Viking
Comment: Ohio Rocks! Warning... this is LOUD.


"Nobody" (mp3) by The Willowz
Comment: Sounds like a contradiction, but The Willowz total filter 70's arena rock through punk, and it works.

"No One Does It Like You (Demo)" (mp3) by Department Of Eagles
Comment: Best Grizzly Bear-related song this year. The Girl Talk wamp-wamping "Knife (Remix)" was a close second.

"North American Scum (Dunproofin's Not From England Either Mix)" (mp3) performed by LCD Soundsystem remixed by Dunproofin
Comment: Almost makes me proud to be a North American.

"Not A Problem (Live)" (mp3) by The Black Lips
Comment: The Black Lips put out what may not be the best live album ever, but it's realllly close. Maybe it is the best live album ever. I don't know.

"Now I've Got A Sword" (mp3) by The Muggabears
Comment: Love that Bayside shout out.


"Pace Or The Patience" (mp3) by Love Of Diagrams
Comment: I can't believe I'm not sick of this song. I love it. I listen to all the time.

"Pinkies" (mp3) by The Big Sleep
Comment: What was it I heard someone call The Big Sleep? Bedroom Metal. That's it.


"Rafaga!" (mp3) by Apostle Of Hustle
Comment: Wins the GT 2007 Award for Spanish Song Sung By A Canadian Band!

"Run To The Facts" (mp3) by Yea Big + Kid Static
Comment: Wins the GT 2007 Award for Best Use Of Samples From An Unreleased Album.

"Run To Your Grave" (mp3) by The Mae Shi
Comment: Run!


"See A Penny (Pick It Up)" (mp3) by YACHT
Comment: Awhh... come on. Who cares if it's "Miss You" in Jona clothing? Not me.

"Screendoor" (mp3) by Illinois
Comment: Don't forget to check out their Daytrotter Session... here.

"Sharpshooter" (mp3) by The Mary Timony Band
Comment: Mary's still got it.

"So Post All 'Em (Instumental)" (mp3) by YACHT
Comment: I've had it up to here with all those words. Bahh.


"The Pyramid" (mp3) by Love Of Diagrams
Comment: Slightly slower awesomeness.

"The Underdog" (mp3) by Spoon
Comment: The Song Of The Year.

"They Might Follow You (Demo)" (mp3) by Tiny Vipers
Comment: Haunting.

"To Fix The Gash In Your Head" (mp3) by A Place To Bury Strangers
Comment: Uhhh... When will JAMC stop influencing bands? Not bloody soon, I'll tell you that (again).

"Too Cute To Puke" ( mp3) by Mika Miko
Comment: If you didn't hear me say it on The Contrast Podcast Festive 50, this track is pure energy.

"Truck" (mp3) by The Octopus Project
Comment: Theremins are punk.


"Underwater (You And Me)" (mp3) by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Comment: Ok, I admit it. This is not my favorite Some Loud Thunder song. This is: "Yankee Go Home" (ysi mp3)


"Veni Vedi Veci (Remix)" performed by The Black Lips remixed by Diplo
Comment: Black Lips + Mad Decent beats = This.


"We Are Gods! We Are Wolves!" (mp3) by Le Loup
Comment: My eyes rolled the first time I saw the name of this track... then I heard it. My eyes later issued a rolling retraction.

"Witches Vs. Wolves" (mp3) by S-S-S-Spectres
Comment: The name says it all.

The End. More next year. And don't forget my previously look backs at 2007... here and here.

My post entitled Top 11 Downloadables That Were Not Freakin' Everywhere in 2007 is coming soon. It will be anagramed thusly... t11mp3twnfe2007.

Preview: "Luxury Condos For The Poor" (mp3) by Double Dagger
Comment: [you have to wait for that]

The 47 Best Downloadables Of 2007

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Thursday, December 27

LIVE: No Being Disgusting By Screaming Females

Staight Outta New Brunswick (NJ)!!

Screaming Females

It's Screaming Females. The Females have a new (live) song up on their myspace page, as recorded for "internet radio dealy" JamNow. Take a listen...

Downloadable: "No Being Disgusting" ( mp3)

BONUS: "Electric Pilgrim" ( mp3)
Footnote: I still don't know if the glitch in this mp3 is intentional or not.

Consider Clicking
- Best of "oh Seven" coverage... (1) thepunkguy has his list here. Check it! (2) PTST looks at the NYC bands of 2008... here, and (3) NPR's "best of" linkage is here.

- Proto-Grunge Lovers Unite! lamestain has posted The U-Men... here.

- Heart On A Stick has got the Take Away show of O'Death... here.

- Boat new LP progress report and possible track listing... here. AND I totally missed the fact that Boat was posting about artists covering the Boat catalogue. HERE is the latest one. It's Baby I Love You performing "Lanterns and Laughing Ladies" (mp3)


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The End O' The Year Dump

And now... some items that I wanted to post about this year, BUT I never got around to it. This is not a best of list (that's coming). This is the end of the year dump (of good stuff).

1. "4x4" (ysi mp3) by Wives


2. This video by Low: "Pissing (Live)" (mp3)


3. "The Woods/The Rain" (youtube) by The Stabs

The Stabs

4. "It Killed Mom" (myspace vid) by Thee Ohsees

Thee Ohsees

5. "Teenage Riot" (mov) by Sonic Youth = Young Thurston + awesome footage / crappy resolution

sonic youth

6. Some mp3s by Q And Not U:
"Wonderful People" (mp3)
"Washington Monument" (mp3)
"So Many Animal Calls" (mp3)

Q and not U

7. Youtube vid of Mika Miko @ the Fuck Yeah Fest 2006... here

mina miko

8. "I'm OK, You're OK (Live)" (youtube) by Let's Wrestle a/k/a Let's Fucking Wrestle

Let's Wrestle

9. Three mp3s by Lunch recording artist... Taxpayer!
"Exhaust Pipes" (mp3)
"Sterile Agendas" (mp3)
"When They Were Young" (mp3


10. "Party Punch" (mp3) by Oh No, Oh My!

Oh No Oh My

11. "Wet And Rusting" by Menomena


12. "Real Mess" (myspace vid) by Hot Gossip

Consider Clicking
- Live low scores: "Hemlock Combo" (mp3)
- The Deadly Syndrome do Daytrotter... here.
- WTF?
- Best of the best of of the best of the "oh seven" links (not really)... (1) Tiny Mix Tapes best of is... here, (2) best tracks of the year are... here, AND (3) hearsay goes over the WORST lists of the year... here.
- Myspace? Stenographer!!

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Tuesday, December 25

Business Cats By Mika Miko

To Do List:
(1) Turn Up The Volume
(2) Get Excited!
(3) Download: "Business Cats" ( mp3) by Mika Miko

.tk page is here.
Deleted Art page is here.
Kill Rock Stars page is here.
ppm page is here.

Consider Clicking
- Dig the Jibes! The Countless Jibes over at Sixeyes... here.
- Two more best of oh seven links... (1) ARTFORUM has Kim Gordon's eclectic best of list... here, (2) See the emusic user's best of poll... here, and (3) If you haven't already, check out YANP's 12 days of Mixmas... here.
- Part two of CP's 2007 Festive 50 is available... here or here: "Contrast Podcast 91".

Mika Miko

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Sunday, December 23

So Post All 'Em (Instumental) By Yacht

So maybe... maybe you saw it here first? What am I talking about? This...

It's free instrooo (read: instrumental) Yacht (and a little The Blow too). Do you love Yacht, but not like the vocals so much? Do you dream of busting it up Jona-Sytle with some Yacht karaoke?? Are you an aspiring mashup artiste? Well what ever you are, get ready.

Download: "So Post All 'Em (Instumental)" (mp3)

Just what is available?
YACHT: 2007 Instrumentals
The Blow: Paper Television Instrumentals
YACHT: We Float Around, Hang Out On Clouds

Get all the "Freedom Songs"... here.

Myspace page is here.
Marriage & States Rights Records are here.

Oh and thanks Jona, you rock.


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- Stereogum has a massive list of albums coming out in 2008... here.
- Two "Oh Seven" best of type links... (1) What to Wear During an Orange Alert has their list of the year's best EPs... here, and (2) Raven Sings The Blues does their end of the year thing... here.
- Interesting in exploring the world of Creative Commons artists? Check out Jamendo... here.
- IHEARTCOMIX posts the Curses! remix of Juiceboxxx's "Centerstage"... here, and there's even more Curses! remixes at BIG STEREO... here.
- Radiohead!!! Live!!! (in 2000 @ rbally)... here.


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Friday, December 21

I'd Rather Be Clogging By Karp

Have you checked out that lamestain post about Karp yet? If not, what are you waiting for? When listening to Karp (which stands for "Kill All Redneck Pricks") you can really hear the future Big Business sound (thanks to Jared Warren) in there, but Karp is messier and more screamy. Kickass.

Listen: "I'd Rather Be Clogging" (mp3)


Punk In My Vitamins is here.
KRS page is here.
Southern page is here.
Up Records page is here.
K Recs (store) page is here.

Consider Clicking
- Continuing the "Best Of Oh Seven" coverage.... (1) BOAWS's best albums of the year are... here, (2) metal fans (closeted or otherwise) should definitely check out Crust Cake's best of's... here and here, (3) Who Killed The Mixtape's best songs of '07 are... here, and (4) PTST's best songs of '07 are... here.
- Make yer own beats with Hydrogen... here (linux).
- Get "Spitfire" by O'Death over at RCRDLBL... here.
- Stereogum watches High Places... here.
- The Papercuts have a bran' spankin' new Daytrotter session... here.
- There's a soundboard recording of Ted Leo way over in Iowa City at captain's dead... here.
- The Cops play KEXP's song of the day... here.

- Ruby Isle's project continues with... "Gila (Beach House Cover)" (mp3)... here.


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Wednesday, December 19

Beat (Health, Life, And Fire) By Thao With The Get Down Stay Down

I've got to admit that this here indiefolk type song by Thao with The Get Down Stay Down is growing on me.

Listen, OK: "Beat (Health, Life, and Fire)" (mp3)

BONUS: "Feet Asleep" (mp3)

Myspace page is here.
KRS page is here.
Daytrotter session is here.
Emusic page is here.

- The Sound of Indie has a boot of Cibo Mato from 1996... here (plus they have the full setlist for the A Place To Bury Strangers show that was posted a while back).
- David Byrne ("...right over there ladies and gentlemen, David Byrne") talks to Thom at s'gum... here.
- Ooooooooh.... controversial. New Black Lips vid @ p'fork... here.
- What the fuck. Are they smoking crack?
- More Best Of "Oh 7"... (1) Paper Thin Walls has two year end mixes... here, (2) The Yellow Stereo's best albums are... here, (3) Ear Plugs!
- Sure M.I.A.'s dressed like a street vendor, but what's in those tinfoil packages? Hmmm.

Thao With The Get Down Stay Down

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Tuesday, December 18

VIDEO: The Gold We're Digging By Parts & Labor

Brooklyn's Part & Labor are fucking awesome. I mean that. They inspire awe. Serious.

Watch this video with their old drummer: "The Gold We're Digging" (mov or youtube)

Myspace page is here.
Jagjaguwar page is here.
Emusic page is here.

Consider Clicking
- Best of '07 linkage: ohboyohboy, p'fork's Top 100 songs of 2007 are listed... here. UPDATE: The s'gum zips were HERE. UPDATED UPDATE: captain's dead has them... here. The first installment of CP's Festive 50 (+4) is available... here. Listen: "2007 Festive 50, Part 1" (mp3). And The final MOKB best of '07 list is up... here (with links to all the other ones too).
- The Smudge has live Imperial Teen on the radio... here.

Parts & Labor

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Sunday, December 16

VIDEO: D.A.N.C.E. By Justice

Party like it's May 2007!!!

Watch: "D.A.N.C.E." (mov) By Justice

Watch More Justice (vs. Simian): "We Are Your Friends" (mov)

Vice page is here.

Consider Clicking
- Two Bear Hands links just for you. The first is at MOKB with an interview and mp3s... here. The second is at My Big Mouth Strikes Again with praise and mp3s... here.
- The Runout Groove checks out the new Cat Power covers record... here.
- Myspace? Team Shi!!!


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Thursday, December 13

Prisonship Martyrs By Freshkills

No matter how you type it... Freshkills, FRESH KILLS, freshkills. Rocks. 'Nuff said. Listen.

Download one track from the EP
"Prisonship Martyrs" (mp3)

Download two tracks from Creeps And Lovers
"Taste Of Metal" (mp3)
"Creeps And Lovers" (mp3)

And yes... they are playing here on Saturday. And fuck... I can't go.

Myspace page is here.
Arclight Records are here.

Consider Clicking
- Even more Best Of '07 goodies at I Rock Cleveland (here), Who Killed The Mixtape (here), and EARFARM... here.
- Download some awesome Jay Reatard at 20 Jazz Funk Greats... here.
- Never let it be said that I didn't give y'all The Old Time Relijun... "Indestructible Life" (mp3)
- p'fork f'casts Telepathe just for you... here. Listen: "Chrome's On It" (p'fork mp3)
- I admit it. Dan Bejar is talented. I just don't like "Foam Hands" (p'fork mp3). OK. Fine. Be that way. Know what I do like? Ruby Isle's cover of "Foam Hands" (kindercore mp3). More about that... here.
- Who the bloody hell are The Stabs? Find out at Who the Bloody Hell Are They?... here. Hey Matador, make with the wooing and sign them.
- Speaking of Matador... a new new new jam from Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks is at Matablog... here. Listen: "Baltimore" (mp3 from the unreleased Real Emotional Trash).

freshkills live

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Tuesday, December 11

Gila By Beach House

Here's some new new new indie dreampop from... Beach House.

Downloadable: "Gila" ( mp3) (sources: p'fork, s'gum, gvsb)

Myspace page is here.
Wiki Wiki Wiki here.
Emusic page is here.

Consider Clicking
- Live Le Loup!!! Head over to Instrumental Analysis... here.
- The One Alternative EP is available fer free... here.
- 'member them alterna-post-grungers Dirt Merchants? Here are a couple mp3s... "Scarified" (mp3) and "Mindfuck" (mp3). There's a whole lot more here.
- More best of '07s... GOF'er Dave Allen's is here, ack... here, and EARFARM looks back at 2007 and ahead at 2008, all the same time... here.
- Curses by FotL is finally out in the US, all proper like... here.
- There's a new Kills vid at s'gum... here.
- Anyone heard this yet?? It's "Don't You Evah" by Spoon (ok, penned by Natural History) remixed by Diplo. Answer: Yes.

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Monday, December 10

Black Tape By Low Scores

Oh Noes? Oh Yes! new new new Low Scores.

Download some big beats: "Black Tape" (mp3)

Consider Clicking
- Beat Happening (barely) cover "I Spy" live on the radio over at The Sound Of Indie... here.
- Some alt/live Fiery Furnaces tracks are over at Fluxblog, as well as the set list to Saturday's show at Music Hall Of Williamsburg... here.
- White Williams does a Daytrotter session with broken equipment plus he was also sick, that's dedication. Listen to it... here.

Low Scores

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Sunday, December 9

Change By Cassettes Won't Listen

Q: Oh, 1990's nostalgia when will you really catch on?
A: Maybe when Kanye starts sampling No Pocky For Kitty by Superchunk?? A step in the right direction is Cassettes Won't Listen a/k/a Jason Drake's latest offering, One Alternative (ha!).

One Alternative

Here is a Blind Melon cover: "Change" (mp3)

Myspace page is here.
Dope Lotus is here.
Emusic page is here.
Get the whole One Alternative EP on Dec 11th... here.

Consider Clicking
- new new new Outkast is over at All Things Go... here.
- Check out Captain's Dead best records of the 07... here.
- Listen to some "Miami Beach" baile funk from Bonde Do Role over at Versus... here.
- Are Hot Chip "Ready For The Floor"??? Find out at Red Threat (here) and Earwigs And Wax (here).

Cassettes Won't Listen

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Friday, December 7

Eat Sugar On WOXY

Cincinnati locals Eat Sugar were in the Lounge at WOXY the other day. They are filled with electro new wavey goodness. Check it.

Eat Sugar On WOXY

Downloadable: "Eat Sugar On WOXY" (lala mp3)

Myspace page is here.

Consider Clicking
- Milk Milk Lemonade has got lots of deets about the new Bob Mould album and "The Silence Between Us" ( mp3) (source: spinner)... here.
- IMA FUCKING GYMNIST hits the IHEARTCOMIX blog... here.
- Bushwick Is Beautiful has a mix for weekend enjoyment... here.

Eat Sugar

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Thursday, December 6

Slippershell By Kristin Hersh

So I missed this last month. It's the story on the Coalition of Artists & Stake Holders, or CASH Music Project (does Johnny's estate know about that name? I wonder). CASH knows there is a Problem With Music, and they want to find an alternative. They think sharing is good not evil, and paying what you want (a la Radiohead) might just work.

The first CASH Music Project song is by Kristin Hersh (of Throwing Muses and 50 Foot Wave), who has a whole section of her website entitled free music, and it ain't just a lame myspace page link, either. If you haven't already be sure to pick up the 50 Foot Wave Free Music EP. Anyway, here is that new Kristin Hersh song.

Listen: "Slippershell" ( mp3)

Myspace page is here.
4AD page is here.
Yep Roc page is here.
CASH Music Project is here.
Emusic page is here.

Consider Clicking
- The best of '07 flood has started here and here and here and here and here. If you really want to keep track of all the best this and thats for this year check out Large Hearted Boy's master list... here.
- SUCKA PANTS has an awesome Bad Brains cover by Lidia Stone... here.
- Buscate Un Novio has a Magik Markers themed post... here.
- "Title Tracks" (mp3) is the theme of the new Contrast Podcast... here. Are you ready for the Peel-inspired Festive 50? huh?
- The blogsite lamestain laments the disappearance of the cassette and then posts about the Punk in My Vitamins Tape by KARP... here.
- Download "Dead City Waste Wilderness" by Abe Vigoda at RCRDLBL... here.
- Want an excellent Peel session featuring PIL? Head over to The Runout Groove... here.
- Honey is good for coughs... here. Yum.
- MISSING TOOF has a couple new remixes by JFK of MSTRKRFT... here.
- Wow... I love the NYPL.
- The KEXP song of the day is "Me, Me, Just Me" (mp3) by Feral Children... here.
- You made it to the bottom of today's consider clicking section. Congrats!

kristin by dina douglass

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