Monday, June 30

The Cock-A-Doodle-Doo-Of Democracy By Shooting At Unarmed Men

Time to take a listen to the other 1/3 of Mclusky. I am talking about Shooting At Unarmed Men. Triptych was released quietly in the US this Spring. It has slowly been working itself into my playlists, and now it time to share a couple tracks with you.

"The Cock-A-Doodle-Doo-Of Democracy" ( mp3)
"Boredom Is The Feeling That Everything Is A Waste Of Time" ( mp3) (note the name change since the last time I posted about this track)

Myspace page is here.
Too Pure page is here.
eMusic page is here.

NOTE: The other 2/3's of Mclusky became Future Of The Left. They have been mentioned once or twice here at GT.

Consider CLICKing
- Engage in some 90's indie vid nostalgia @ captain's dead... here.

- WTF (LEGO-style)?

Shooting At Unarmed Men

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Sunday, June 29

3 Is Better Than 4 By The Dials

Chicago punkpoppers, The Dials have just released a new album on No Fun Records (which is not to be confused with Not Not Fun Records). Despite the label name, I assure you -- the record is fun. It is entitled Amoeba Amore. Take a listen...

"3 Is Better Than 4" ( mp3)
"Aim And Shoot" ( mp3)

There is another band named The Dials. They are from the UK.

Myspace page is here.
No Fun Order Email is here.
eMusic page is here (has both the US and UK bands).

Older The Dials BONUS: "Flex Time" ( mp3)

Consider CLICKing
- I think I first heard electronic freaks Pink Skull's remix of "Crambodia" (with Ghostface Killah, Spank Rock, Amanda Blank, Plastic Little) over @ Fluxblog. I post it now as a counterpoint to The Dials. Listen: "Crambodia (Plastic Little Pink Skull Remix)" ( mp3)

- 24 posts in 24 hours? Check it @ captain's dead... here.

- Pop Tarts Suck Toasted has a massive NYC concert calendar for July (with one mp3 for each band)... here.

The Dials

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Saturday, June 28

Ghost In The Trees By Thee Oh Sees

I still can't believe that I have not posted (before this Wednesday, that is) anything from one of my favorite albums of the year so far . The album, The Master's Bedroom Is Worth Spending A Night In, performed by John Dwyer's Thee Oh Sees. It contains 15 slabs of "half-evil blooz explosions". Dig it.

Thee Oh Sees

"Ghost In The Trees" ( mp3)
"Graveyard Drug Party" ( mp3)

Myspace page is here.
Tomlab is here.
eMusic page is here.

Consider CLICKing
- The New New New No Age vid for "Eraser" is over at s'gum... here.

- [not music or walrus related] Bucket Power!

- Does anyone have $100,000 to give me so I can register gimme.tinnitus as a domain name??

- Listen to the whole of The Ruiner by Made Out Of Babies with track by track analysis @ ptw... here.

Thee Oh Sees

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Wednesday, June 25

[UPDATED with mp3s] Take the NPR's Best CDs of the Year (So Far) Poll

Take the NPR's Best CDs of the Year (So Far) Poll...

It's right here.

And in no particular order, here are some albums that are missing from the poll (maybe write a few of them in??):
Nouns By No Age
Listen: "Cappo" ( mp3)

HLLLYH by The Mae Shi
Listen: "The Melody" ( mp3)

Crystal Castles by Crystal Castles
Listen: "Magic Spells" ( mp3)

Listen: "Lost Time (Pictureplane Remix)" ( mp3)

Liferz by Blood On The Wall
Listen: "Hibernation" ( mp3)

The Master's Bedroom Is Worth Spending A Night In by Thee Oh Sees
Listen: "Graveyard Drug Party" ( mp3)

Triptych by Shooting At Unarmed Men
Listen: "Boredom Is The Feeling That Everything Is A Waste Of Time" ( mp3)

We Breed Champions by Royal Bangs
Listen: "Cat Swallow" (mp3)

Win by Susu
Listen: "Hands Up (The Race)" ( mp3)

Ice Cream Spiritual by Ponytail
Listen: "Celebrate The Body Electric (It Came From An Angel)" (now we are free mp3)

The Ruiner By Made Out Of Babies
Listen: "Cooker" (moob mp3)

Oh, and be sure to vote for We Versus The Shark.
Listen: "Hello Blood" (team clermont mp3)

Take the NPR's Best CDs of the Year (So Far) Poll

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Willie The Pimp By Qui

Hey, let's discover some music that did not get that much attention last year.

I'm talking about Qui. As you may know (from this post), Qui features the vocal chords of David Yow, formerly of Jesus Lizard. It has been said before, but I will repeat it here: "David Yow is a unique vocalist."

Qui mp3s were only featured in 6 posts on the internets last year. That is just not right. By the way, I totally missed this Jesus Lizard/Qui post at Captain Dead's. Drrrrrrr.

Brace yourself for a not so soothing blend of punk, noise, metal and weirdness off the album, Love's Miracle.

Downloadable Frank Zappa Cover: "Willie The Pimp" ( mp3)

Ipecac page is here.
eMusic page is here.
Love's Miracle 7.2 pitchfork review is here.

Consider CLICKing
- The Mae Shi cover the spawn of Mr. Achy Breaky Heart, and guess what... the song still sucks. But hey, maybe YOU'LL like it. Deets @ p'fork... here.

- I Rock Cleveland declares this The Year Of The Reatard... here.

Paul is in Qui. He says "Fuck You."

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Tuesday, June 24

Kicker Of Elves By Guided By Voices

90's Nostalgia Nook

This here is a new feature that will explore the music of the 1990's.

Have you been engaging in 90's nostalgia? I know I have. This track from Bee Thousand always brings me back.

Listen: "Kicker Of Elves" ( mp3)

Official site is here.
Myspace page is here.
Robert Pollard is here.
Matador page is here.
Wiki Wiki Wiki here.
eMusic page is here.

Consider CLICKing
- Who The Bloody Hell Are They? posts Cut Off Your Hands doing a Sonics cover... here.

- Cadence Weapon fucks shit up at Daytrotter... here.

- Sub Pop posts part one of their Grunge Summit 2008. It features Bruce Pavitt and Jack Endino... here.

- The Music Slut has some live video of Health @ After The Jump Fest 2008... here.

Guided By Voices Bee Thousand

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Monday, June 23

Nose In The Corner By Tight Bros From Way Back When

Before the Big Business/Melvins merger, even before Big Business, but (wait) after KARP... there was Tight Bros From Way Back When.

Listen/Rock: "Nose In The Corner" (krs mp3)

Kill Rock Stars page is here.
eMusic page is here.

Consider CLICKing
- Off The Record posts all about that new Broken Social Scene Presents Brendan Canning album... here.

- RSL blog has a wee tribute to George Carlin (RIP)... here. This is one of my favorite Carlin riffs... "Reagan's Gang, Church People, And American Values" ( mp3).

- PTST has posted a big ass After The Jump Fest recap... here.

- Speaking of After The Jump, musicisart has a whole bunch of interviews with ATJ bands up, plus mixes designed by said bands. Here is a sampling:

Health's interview is here.

Ponytail's interview is here.
Mix Title: Ice Cream Spiritual CD Release Party

DINOWALRUS' interview is here.
Mix Title: Northern Doom-Dub

Fiasco's interview is here.
Fiasco provided one mix for each band member. Here are their mix titles:
the theme is that there is no theme
this is music I listened to today and enjoyed
Eclecticism. (My 5 current favorite songs.)

Tight Bros From Way Back When

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Sunday, June 22

Verve Remixed 4 Giveaway featuring Dilo Como Yo (Antibalas Remix) By Patato & Totico

Time for another giveaway!

This time it's Verve Remixed 4 featuring songs from the Verve catalog remixed by artists like Antibalas, Diplo/Mad Decent, Psapp, and Mocky among others. To win it, just leave a comment below. That's it. The winner will be chosen in a few weeks.

Here's the official Verve promo mp3 for the album: "California Soul (Remix)" (edgeboss mp3) by Marlena Shaw as remixed by Diplo/Mad Decent

To give you just another taste: "Dilo Como Yo (Remix)" ( mp3) by Patato & Totico as remixed by Antibalas

If you just want to buy the compilation, you can get it here.
If you want the same compilation only not remixed, i.e. Unmixed, you can get that here.

Some Antibalas resources...

Myspace page is here.
Anti page is here.
Ninjatune page is here.
Ropeadope Records is here.
Afrosound Records myspace is here.
eMusic page is here.

Antibalas BONUS: "I.C.E." (anti mp3)

Consider CLICKing
- Summer is here. So, NEVVER posts a cover of "Summertime" as performed by The Friends Of Dean Martinez... here.

- Just Gimme Indie Rock returns from no-post-land, and guess what they like Rage Against The Machine... here.

- Sixeyes posts a Shins mix as they say "Adios, Sub Pop... We wanna own our masters"... here.

- Diddy Wah discusses Fela Kuti and posts a number of mp3s... here.

- Vivian Girls get the Unpiano treatment... here.

- Check out Daedelus' "Candied Assortment" megamix @ music for robots... here.

Verve Remixed 4

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Saturday, June 21

Come Saturday By The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart

Welcome to Saturday.

This being Saturday, I bring a Saturday song. For your listening pleasure, a slightly noisy indie pop song by The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart.

Listen: "Come Saturday" ( mp3)

You may remember The Pains (abbr. mine) from such posts as, well... this one post here.

The song above is from the Slumberland Records Searching For The Now 7" series. Deets about that are here.

Expect a full length from The Pains later this year.

Myspace page is here.
Slumberland Records is here.
Slumberland's podcast is here.
Cloudberry Records is here.
Squirrel Records page is here.
eMusic page is here.

The BONUS with one pretty good song title and one awesome song title:
"Orchard Of My Eye" (cloudberry mp3)
"Kurt Cobain's Cardigan" ( mp3)

Consider CLICKing
- The Passion Of The Weiss posts a new remix of "The Healer" by Erykah Badu featuring Pharoahe Monch... here.

- Awesome, the Single Of The Week over at The Finest Kiss is "Topps" by BOAT... here.

- F Yeah-ers, Team Robespierre has a poppy new mp3 available at p'fork... here.

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart

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Friday, June 20

Play Your Part (Pts. 1 & 2) By Girl Talk

Kaleidoscopic sample masher Gregg Gillis a/k/a Girl Talk is everywhere... new album, Feed The Animals... pay what you want... blah blah blah... p'fork has more deets... here.

"Play Your Part (Pt. 1)" ( mp3)
"Play Your Part (Pt. 2)" ( mp3)

Get the rest of the album... here (pay what you want). Why not give him $5?

Illegal Art page is here.
eMusic page is here.

BONUS: "Illegal Art Sampler '07" (zip)

Consider CLICKing
- Speaking of albums you don't actually have to pay for, Mercury Rev is gonna put out a free album to compliment their new studio offering. Idolator has more... here.

- G vs B likes that new Diplo jam a lot more than "Anonymous User"... here.

- Brooklyn Vegan posts the newness of Robert Pollard... here.

- Yae! Increase Your Weirdness is back... here.

- Bushwick Is Beautiful posted a new mix in a post entitled bury-your-music-deep-in-my-bush... here.

Girl Talk

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Wednesday, June 18

Suddenly It's A Folk Song (Future Of The Left Cover) By We Versus The Shark

A Quick Post

Guess what? It's time for a new cover from We Versus The Shark's ongoing project, Murmurmur.

This time they cover post-mcluskyites Future Of The Left in a folk rock style.

Listen: "Suddenly It's A Folk Song (Future Of The Left Cover)" (mp3)

And for comparison purposes the more new wavey, much less folksy original: "Suddenly It's A Folk Song" ( mp3)

The tracks on Murmurmur are being released piecemeal on donation-based Quote - Unquote Records. More mp3s are available here.

Myspace page is here.
Hello Sir Records is here.
Quote Unquote is here.
Emusic page is here.

We Versus The Shark Murmurmur

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Tuesday, June 17

Calypso By Abe Vigoda

So I downloaded a couple tracks from "tropical" punks Abe Vigoda's myspace page, but when I went to doublecheck them and ye olde myspace decided it wanted to enter some sort of infinite connecting loop. That damn media player just would not connect. See...

Abe Vigoda

Anyway, you should probably listen to this.

"Calypso" ( mp3)
"All Nite and Day (Remix)" ( mp3)

Abe's life blog is here.
Post Present Medium page is here.
Not Not Fun is here.
Death Bomb Arc is here.
Zum is here.
OMS-B is here.

BONUS: "Dead City/Waste Wilderness" (aol mp3) was Spinner's free mp3 of the day, yesterday... here.

Consider CLICKing
- Last week: I was told "you have got to check out Bottle Up & Go." This week: "Wayward Son" (kill normal mp3)

- This sounds like it has potential (I am talking about Dilla Ghost Doom). Thanks Gorilla Vs Bear.

- I don't think I want to mention this. Stereogum has deets if you are interested... here. (I think I wait for the music that is actually on the album).

- This is why you should have Holy Fuck on you iPod at all times. (I mean whay else are you supposed to listen to when taking crazy ass photos). Listen: "Super Inuit" ( mp3)

- New The Grates vid is @ 12 Major Chords... here.

- Audible Vitamins rocks out with The Night Marchers... here.

- New New New Negativeland: "Richard Nixon Died Today" (fanatic mp3)

- P'fork has the semi-official new No Age vid... here.

This is Abe Vigoda (I think)

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Monday, June 16

Back To The Life (Daytrotter Session) By Spoon

A Quick Post

Holy Crap! You knew it would happen. Right? Spoon on Daytrotter.


Download a revamped Kill The Moonlight track: "Back To The Life (Daytrotter Session)" ( mp3)

Get the rest of the mp3s, including a Paul Simon cover... here.

Myspace page is here.
Merge Records page is here.
Matador page is here.
12XU page is here.
Peek-A-Boo page is here.
Wiki Wiki Wiki here.
Emusic page is here.
AND now a Daytrotter Session is here.

Spoon Daytrotter Art

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Friday, June 13

Terminal Five By N** Y*** T*****

Formerly, they were known as The Night Time. But what to call them now? Is it New York Times or N** Y*** T*****? Well, I'll go by the spelling on their myspace page... N** Y*** T***** it is.

Besides their trademark infringement-y name, they have a whole 90's indie pop girl vocals thing happening. They have been compared to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Sleater-Kinney, Autolux, VU, and Pavement. So, if you want me to thrown in another band to compare N** Y*** T***** to, I will. I choose a band with a different Rebecca in it... The Spinanes (but, you know, not as sparse). Anyway, they rock.

"Terminal Five" ( mp3)
"China Lounger" ( mp3)

Sonic Bids page with more downloads is here.
CD Baby page is here.

Consider CLICKing
- I am kind of really liking the "noisy pop" of System And Station. Maybe you too?? Listen: "The Magnetic North" (fanatic mp3)

- You Ain't No Picasso posts REM doing a Television cover (it's "See No Evil")... here.

- If you liked that Unicycle Loves You yesterday. You should probably listen to this: "Unicycle Loves You Lounge Act" (woxy mp3). More about that... here.

- Check out the drony droniness of Religious Knives @ Raven Sings The Blues... here. Or listen to this: "You Walk" (mp3)

- The First Sale Doctrine Lives!

- Matablog posts a new new new Fucked Up song and reveals their new What's Your Rupture joint release deets... here. Hotlinkage: "Year Of The Pig" (matador mp3)

- WTF?

- Daytrotter will "turn you on" (guhhh) to Headlights... here.

New York Times

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Thursday, June 12

Mumtaz Khan By Ratatat

I recently listened to Radio Lab's "Pop Music" episode (here), where I learned about Ahmad Zahir (a/k/a the Afghan Elvis) and his appropriation of Western culture. Is the reverse now happening with Ratatat?? Listen to the Eastern influences...

Downloadable: "Mumtaz Khan" ( mp3)

Now, I'm no ethnomusicologist, but that song makes me picture Ratatat playing a club just south of Kabul.

Myspace page is here.
XL Recordings page is here.
Youtube page is here.
Emusic page is here.
Preorder LP3 here or here.
Get The Ratatat Remixes, Volume 2... here.
And Ratatat is EAR FARM's band of the week... here.

Consider CLICKing
- Oh Shit, don't miss out on the Ponytail 'listening party' (Ice Cream Spiritual album stream and track by track analysis) @ ptw... here.

- More Baltimore craziness.... Check out the Imperial China boot @ Beatbots... here.

- (Tom Waits + Kronos Quartet) * Bridge School Benefit Bootleg / Idiocracy reference = Captain's Dead... here.


- Exploited are the new guilty pleasure @ Detailed Twang... here.

- I finally got around to checking out one of Team Clermont's recent additions. Let me tell you, Unicycle Loves You is catchy... I mean reaaallly catchy. So catchy. And they are playing around NYC this weekend. Listen:
"Highway Robbery" (team clermont mp3)
"Hawaii" (team clermont mp3)

- Time Door posts the craziness of "Bonehead" by Naked City... here.

- Stereogum has a new Remix Artist Collective-themed mix... here.

- Who are Modey Lemon and just how hard do they rock? Find out @ I Rock Cleveland... here.

- Props to Fingertips for pointing out "I Lost The Monkey" (dailyrind mp3) by The Wedding Present.

- I was wondering the other day what Jim Earl was doing. It turns out he's playing in The Clutter Family.

- The new Contrast Podcast is a "mystery"... here.


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Tuesday, June 10

Four Beds for BOAT By BOAT

Straight Outta My Inbox (NE of Compton)...

Listen: "Four Beds for BOAT" ( mp3) by, ummm, BOAT

This song is from is BOAT's first "vinyl venture". It is entitled Topps EP. It contains 3 new BOAT songs recorded in D. Crane's Tacoma living room (4 song if you include the bonus digital song).

The Track Listing:
1. Topps (2:38)
2. Four Beds for BOAT (2:55)
3. Bee Buzz (2:55)
4. The With Confidence Anthem (digital bonus) (1:51)

On 6/17, the Topps EP will be available at Magic Marker Records with all sorts of crazyass deluxe and limited edition goodies... here.

Myspace page is here.
Magic Marker page is here.
Emusic page is here.

Consider CLICKing
- Foals do daytrot out some new jams... here.

- Check out some crazy Stooges covers (from Titmachine and CH 3x4) @ XXJFG... here.

- Once again, no After The Jump Fest for me. And I miss The Forms yet again. FUCK!

- DJ DOC ROK is remixing the new Coldplay song... here. Methinks, I like it better than the original.

- If you like the awesomeness of "Spy/Glass House" (sarathan mp3) you should check out the rest of Feral Children's free EP... here.

- Need I say more than?... "Touch Me I'm Sick" (mpg)

- P'fork posts about Double Dagger side project, Smart Growth... here.

- So Much Silence talks to Oxford Collapse about classic hip hop albums (psst -- they like Ice Cube)... here.

- WTF?

BOAT Topps

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Monday, June 9

Tell The World By Vivian Girls

A Quick Post

Seems like every June I find out about a different female punk rock outfit. Last year... Mika Miko. This year... Vivian Girls.

To quote Mika Miko... "Get Excited!"

Listen: "Tell The World" ( mp3)

Myspace page is here.
In The Red is here.
Plays With Dolls' myspace is here.
Woodsist is here.
Mauled By Tigers is here.
Pukekos post is here.

Vivian Girls

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Sunday, June 8

June 2007 Mix

Time to look back again to the year 2007. Let's listen to the music of June 2007.

Download the zipped mp3: "June 2007" ( zip) (mirror: sendspace)

The Artists Featured
Beat Happening
The Cave Singers
Experimental Dental School
Kevin Drew
Mika Miko
No Age
Oxford Collapse
Parts & Labor
Richard Hell & The Voidoids
Silver Daggers
Tiny Vipers

I want some mp3s right now. I don't have any time for compression programs.
"Boy" (states rights mp3) by Paper
"Capricornations" (deletedart mp3) by Mika Miko
"Don't Tell I'm The King Of The Sea" (mp3) by S-S-S-Spectres
"Get Hurt" (upset mp3) by No Age
"Joy" (load mp3) by Silver Daggers
"Poison Reverb" (deletedart mp3) by Experimental Dental School
"Seeds Of Night" (matador mp3) by The Cave Singers
"tbtf" (arts and crafts mp3) by Kevin Drew

The Playlist
June 2007 Mix

And if you have not already, check out the May 2007 Mix, because it will be taken down soon.

Consider CLICKing
- I just noticed that Spoon posted a new bonus to their website... "Was It You (Demo)" (spoontheband mp3)

- Amuse yourself or annoy your significant other/co-workers/people near your computer with Experimental Dental School's Virtual Theremin... here.

- Watch "Super Collider (Live)" (youtube), the latest from the Radiohead. Gorilla Vs. Bear has the mp3... here.

- Why am I reposting "Nude With Boots" (dailyrind mp3)? 'Cuz I am.

- Maron + (politics * floppy cats) = this. Watch Seder Vs. Maron... here.

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Saturday, June 7

Drool... By PRE

This is PRE.


PRE call their music "noise sprinkled nu-wave" though you might call it "nu-wave sprinkled noise." Whatever it is, it rocks.

Downloadable: "Drool..." (skin graft mp3)

Skin Graft Records page is here.
Love Pump page is here.
Comanechi (side project) is here.
Epic Fits on eMusic is here.

Skin Graft BONUS:
"Fudging On Our Folks" (skin graft mp3)
"Popping Showers" (skin graft mp3)

Consider CLICKing
- Increase Your Weirdness gets pissed at indie music circa: now, posts Galaxie 500... here.

- I Am The Heat have a song entitled "What Would Lou Reed Do?" Listen to it @ Surviving The Golden Age... here.

- Time for a daydream. musicisart posted a mix that is for daydreamers only... here.

- Isn't this stuff already available for free?

- Listen to Bay Area DJs CB Radio's "DEATHMETAL B-BOY PODCAST" (mp3)

- Raven Sings The Blues profiles NZ scuzzpoppers Eat Skull... here.

- The Daily Growl posts about the new Psychedelic Horseshit 7"... here.


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Thursday, June 5

Fun By Screaming Females

Screaming Females (or SCRMNGFMLS to those of you who don't like vowels or lower case) are a band who really know how to get a lot out a big riff.

Listen: "Fun" ( mp3)

They are going on tour this summer with Long Island's own, Cheeky. Tour info is below in the picture (click the pic for a larger shot of the poster).

Myspace page is here.
Screaming Females store is here.
Screaming Females blog is here.

Consider CLICKing
- Listen to E*Rock weirdass remixing of Panther: "Violence, Diamonds (E*Rock Remix)" (krs mp3)

- P'fork can't stop listening to the new new new Melvins... here. It almost sounds like, gulp... arena rock. One Groovy Listen: "Nude With Boots" (pitchfork mp3). It's definitely not as heavy as the also anthemic "Civilized Worm" (slightly tinny southern mp3) from their last effort.

- Cable And Tweed (ATL blog) posts an Other Music (NYC record shop) performance vid by The Black Lips (ATL flowerpunks)... here.

- Chunklet posts about Thurston Moore and Byron Coley's book on the No Wave movement entitled No Wave: Post-Punk. Underground. New York. 1976-1980... here.

Screaming Females Tour Poster

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Wednesday, June 4

Crimewave (Crystal Castles vs. David Wolf) by Health

Q: Perhaps you have picked up the HEALTH//DISCO album from, yes, the band named Health?

A: No? Then read this statement from Health:
“This is not your typical remix album.... Every artist on the record was hand selected and contacted by us with the hope of combining our sounds and musical ideas with those of electronic artists we admire, several of them doing remixes for the first time. It is not about market saturation or crossover appeal. It is purely about the music, and we are proud of it. This is an album, and meant to be listened to as one. The goal of this record is not only to present all these songs at once, but also to ensure that they are not forgotten in the constantly updating, content hungry internet music world.”

Intrigued? I know I would be.

Listen: "Crimewave (Crystal Castles vs. David Wolf)" ( mp3)
Compare with the original: "Crimewave" (fanatic mp3)
David Wolf is here.
Crystal Castles are here.

Listen: "Tabloid Sores (Nosajthing Remix)" ( mp3)
Compare with the original: "Tabloid Sores" ( mp3)
Nosajthing is here.

Myspace page is here.
LOVEPUMP Records is here.
HEALTH//DISCO project page is here.
HEALTH//DISCO is misfiled at eMusic... here.
eMusic page is here.
Enhanced CD version is here.

Consider CLICKing
- Obits have a muxtape and, well, it rocks. Listen to it here.

- Check out CAPTAIN’S DEAD GUIDE TO RECORDS FOR THE SUMMER OF 08, PART TWO which features The Thermals, Jawbreaker, and The Drive-By Truckers among others... here.

- Checkout some streams of "Wordless" Music @ WNYC (props to thepunkguy)... here.

- Holy Crap! Watch Jon Spencer hump a theremin in front of children ("Won't somebody please think of the children!!")... here (thanks to Aquarium Drunkard).

- There's more to the Vivian Girls than a mere Darger reference. Find out more @ Gorilla Vs. Bear... here.

- Hey tinkerer... build a new PC for $150 (no keyboard, mouse, monitor, or OS included) @ WIRED howto wiki... here.


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Tuesday, June 3

GfC by Albert Hammond, Jr.

I'm not quite sure why Albert Hammond, Jr. signed to the home of American Idol recordings (feh). Maybe he just wants my sister to like him? Anyway, it hasn't affected his songcraft.

Downloadable: "GfC" ( mp3)

¿Cómo Te Llama? is coming out on a major RCA and RED in early July. And there's a new Strokes album is the works. More about that... here.

Myspace page is here.
Rough Trade is here.
New Line Records are here.
Scratchie page is here.

Consider CLICKing
- Friction NYC discusses Ambient Not Not Ambient, a comp from Audiodregs... here.

- I'm waiting for Times New Viking Kittens, but really... WTF?

- How's about a little 90's indie rock?? From Silkworm: "Couldn't You Wait" (comedy minus one mp3)

- Check out CAPTAIN’S DEAD GUIDE TO RECORDS FOR THE SUMMER OF 08, PART ONE. It's got The Avalanches, The Cool Kids, Ted Leo, and other... here.

- 3hive posts some tracks from Tommy Boy magician Steinski... here.

- Damnit! I missed The Forms, again (also Free Blood). More about that... here.

NOTE: Albert is the one in the middle.
Albert Hammond. Jr.

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Sunday, June 1

Come Closer By Indian Jewelry

Methinks it's time for some Indian Jewelry. Now culturally, Indian jewelry used to be one of the easy clues of picking an acidhead out of a crowd (at least according to Tom Wolfe). Listen to enough of this stuff and you don't need any acid. Get ready for some droney psych goodness.

This here is a great track to listen to laaate at night:
"Come Closer" (lovepump mp3)

Here are the free Indian Jewelry tracks that have been floating around the interweb:
"Swans" ( mp3)
"Temporary Famine Ship" ( mp3)
"Walking On The Water" (mp3)
"Nonetheless" (mp3)

Here is some older stuff:
"Flesh Is Floating By" (mp3)
"I Made The Same Mistake, Man" (mp3)
"Lesser Snake" (mp3)
"Health And Wellbeing" (mp3)

Myspace page is here.
Now We Are Free page is here.
Monitor Records is here.
Lovepump Records is here.
Wiki Wiki Wiki here.
ptw 'single file' is here.
'gum drop is here.

Quick Aside: Just based on what they did to Liars' droney masterpiece "It Fit When I Was A Kid (Crystal Castles Remix)" ( mp3), I would love to hear Crystal Castles do a remix of "Come Closer". Totally, right?

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 Indian Jewelry

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