Tuesday, September 30

Two By The Antlers

Brooklyn boys, The Antlers have shared a song from their yet to be released album of slightly noisy/slightly folky indie rock. It is entitled Hospice and it comes out maybe sometime in 2009?? Dig it.

Downloadable: "Two" (box.net mp3)

Myspace page is here.
Fall Records is here.
Lots more free mp3s at The Antlers website... here.

Consider CLICKing
- Vivian Girls have a new promomp3 of... "Blind Spot (The Daisy Chain Cover)" (forcefield mp3)

- There's a New New New Matt & Kim mp3 at Green Label Sound (It's Mt. Dew's pandering to the indie kids).

- The Futurist has cut up the recent French Kicks Lounge Act into individual mp3s... here.

- Dig that Sunday Mix from Swan Fungus... here. Especially the Konono No. 1 mp3.

- On 10/7/08, Barack Rock is having a benefit @ Music Hall Of Williamsburg. Ear Farm has the deets... here. You should totally go.

- Captain's Dead ends his repost-fest with a kickass Cat Power boot from 1998... here.

The Antlers

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Sunday, September 28

STREAM: Safe For The Time Being By Mason Proper

Earlier this month, I posted a Mason Proper remix of "Safe For The Time Being" from your psychedelic friend Low Scores. Now, Mason Proper's new new new album Olly Oxen Free is out and I bring you the original of the song that you have already heard remixed. Dig it.

UPDATED (9/29/08): Sorry, the "Safe For The Time" mp3 has been removed per request of the band and Sneak Attack.



You can also stream the whole album @ imeem (props to MOKB)... here.

Myspace page is here.
Dovecote Records is here.
Daytrotter Session is here.
Amazon MP3 page is here.
eMusic page is here.

Dovecote BONUS: "Lock And Key" (dovecote mp3)

Consider CLICKing
- SUCKAPANTS has one of those newfangled remixes I have been hearing about... here (it's Ninjasonik remixing Matt & Kim).

- So... "Glifted is (was?) a side project from former Hum guitarist Tim Lash and Lovecup bassist T.J. Harrison." BOWAS has more shoegazey goodness... here.

Mason Proper

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Friday, September 26

Poisonous Times By The Old Haunts

Speaking of catchy punkish stuff coming off the West Coast (The Muslims are from San Diego), let's look north. I am talking about Olympia, Wa. (of course??), home of The Old Haunts. I don't remember when I first thought to post this, but it was a while ago (the album came out this past April). Anyways, if you don't know it, love it...

Listen: "Poisonous Times" (box.net mp3)

Former bikinikiller Tobi Vail is now drumming for The Haunts. They go through drummers faster that some joke metal band that was in some mockumentary a while back.

Myspace page is here.
Kill Rock Stars is here.
Buy the CD here (no LP?).
Old PTW post is here.
eMusic page is here.

Haunty Not Haughty BONUS: "Out Of Sight" (mp3)

Consider CLICKing
- Download Squad Music News: Myspace Music relauches, no big whoop... here. And where's my free downloads??

- Bastards!

- HawHa!

- RCRDLBL is having a Grand Ole Party downloadfest... here. And don't forget the G.O.P. Daytrotter session... here.

- Promise to vote and get a free live mp3 of Wilco/Fleet Foxes covering Bob Dylan... here.

The Old Haunts by Jeff Smith

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Thursday, September 25

Extinction By The Muslims

Stuck In My Head

Today I share with you the song that has been stuck in my head for the large part of the past week:

Listen: "Extinction" (box.net mp3) by "Band To Watch" -- The Muslims

Watch: "Extinction" (youtube)

The vid looks like this:
The Muslims

Listen More (Thanks 1928 Recordings!):
"Geez, Geez, Geez" (1928 mp3)
"Right And Wrong" (1928 mp3)
"Besides Myself" (1928 mp3)
"On My Time" (1928 mp3)

1928 Recordings is here.
Sweet Tooth Records is here.
S'Gum Band To Watch post is here.

Consider CLICKing

- WARNING: Unnatural Helpers think Dr. Fart is funny...
The Muslims

- Listen to a kick ass popsong by The Unicorns @ Aural States... here.

- Download a classic Clinic track @ Audible Vitamins... here.

The Muslims

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Wednesday, September 24

Dirty, Dumb & Comical By Unnatural Helpers

I must admit I had not heard of the Unnatural Helpers before Sub Pop put out their latest 7" Dirty, Dumb & Comical. After a little digging, I found out that the Helpers are made up of Dean and Mike of Double Fudge plus a variety of cats from the Seattle underground. Presently listed on the myspace are Chris (of Kinski?) and Kimberly (of Dutchess & the Duke?). They perform short garage rock dittys. The current 7" is part of Sub Pop Records Singles Club 3.0 (which is sold out). I Am Fuel, You Are Friends has a nice little retrospective of the Singles Clubs 1.0 and 2.0... here (NOTE: individual mp3 links don't work).

So, get ready for some rock 'n' roll that is slightly more rock and a little less roll.

Listen: "Dirty, Dumb & Comical" (box.net mp3)

Streamable: "Live @ Sunset Tavern" (live eye tv)

Myspace page is here (w/ downloads not streams).
Dirty Knobby Industries is here.
Sub Pop is here.
Amazon MP3 page is here.
eMusic page is here.

Unnaturally Helpful BONUS: "Heavy Sugar" (box.net mp3)
Double Fudge BONUS: "In Your Bucket" (box.net mp3)

Consider CLICKing
- Check out part 2 of "Covers that are very different" @ Contrast Podcast... here.

- If you are in the mood for a downer, you should head over to Daytrotter and listen to Centro-Matic's session. Whoah, deeeepressing... here.

- Listen to something synthy and dark... "Helen Of Troy" (force field mp3) by Telefon Tel Aviv

Unnatural Helpers

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Tuesday, September 23

Everything With You By The Pains of Being Pure At Heart

On October 14, Slumberland Records is going to release the Everything With You 7" by indienoisepoppers The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart.

Listen: "Everything With You" (box.net mp3)

"Everything With You" sounds like an amalgamation of, well definitely MBV, but also a whole bunch of late 80's-early 90's college rock. At the same time, it does NOT sound dated. The b-side is the 'anthem' entitled, um... "The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart." Dig it.

Preorder the 7" here.

Myspace page is here.
Slumberland Records is here.
Slumberland's podcast is here.
Cloudberry Records is here.
Squirrel Records page is here.
eMusic page is here.

Consider CLICKing
- Read a Dear Science review... here (PTST) or here (AD).

- Gorilla Vs Bear gets the "Reckoner" (scotch mist youtube) Radiohead Remix Contest kicked off with remixes from Diplo, Julianna Barwick, and Flying Lotus... here. Radiohead's official is here.

- FYI... Product Shop NYC will become Stories In High Fidelity. Deets are here.

- There's a free Bob Dylan Track on Ye Olde Amazon... here.

- Studio 360 has an interesting story about the Clothes Spin Laundromat at the edge of New Orleans' French Quarter. It's the former home of J&M Records and a lot of music history. Listen: "The J&M Records Story" (wnyc mp3).

- NYC indie rockers French Kicks played themselves another WOXY Lounge Act... here.

Listen: "French Kicks @ WOXY" (lala mp3)
The Track Listing:
"Carried Away"
"Love In The Ruins"
Coming soon... on 9/30 Takka Takka plays The Lounge.

- Lastly, New New New Thievery Corporation: "Sound The Alarm" (box.net mp3)

The Pains of Being Pure At Heart

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Monday, September 22

The Drift By Big Business

So, 1/2 of the new Melvins, i.e. Big Business have set loose a chugging new track from their latest tour EP.

Downloadable: "The Drift" (box.net mp3)

Right now, Big Business is overseas finishing up the Nude With Boots World Tour.

Myspace page is here.
Hydrahead is here.
Wantage USA is here.

Consider CLICKing
- Sixeyes posts Neil Young's recent Farm Aid performance... here.

- I cautiously listened to the new Gang Gang Dance @ XXJFG. Listen to the mutant sounds... here.

- MISSED IT: Way back on August 26, 2008, NPR's song of the day was "Run To Your Grave" (box.net mp3) by The Mae Shi. The story was entitled: "The Mae Shi: Punk With A Bubblegum Soul". More... here. Just as an aside, I should note that the song was originally posted in January 2007 on p'fork... here.

- Just a reminder: Touch & Go Loves You...
"Chicago" (t&g mp3) by The Uglysuit
"The Company I Can Get" (t&g mp3) by The New Year
"A Thousand Eyes" (t&g mp3) by The Crystal Antlers

Big Business
source: flickr

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Sunday, September 21

Sunchips By Lemonade

SF laptoppunkers Lemonade have a trippy new promomp3 floating about on the intertubes.

Download: "Sunchips" (terrorbird mp3)

Also available is the Ghosts On Tape remix (over @ RCRDLBL)... here.

Personally, I am partial to the remix.

Want more G.O.T.? Check out his "live demo set" (zshare).

Lemonade blogspot is here.
RCRDLBL page is here.

Consider CLICKing
- I Rock Cleveland has a post with links to three articles reviewing the 'Loudness Wars' and excessive audio compression... here. Interesting.

- Speaking of loudness, turn this up... "Uh-Huh (Eats Tapes Remix)" (mp3) by Soft Pink Truth as remixed by Eats Tapes


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Saturday, September 20

Lowtide By O'Death

Today let's talk folkpunk and O'Death.

Listen to the first song off their next album: "Lowtide" (box.net mp3)

Pretty kickass, no? Well, here is a creepy still from the video to "Lowtide":

Dag, this is the first time I am excited for the release of a music video in a long long time. I will try to post the vid as soon as it is available for streaming. I am guessing it will be creepy.

Now, the song itself makes me think of "A Good Idea" (ysi) by Sugar. I guess it's the face being held down in the water. Creepy.

The new new new album is entitled Broken Hymns, Limbs and Skin, and it come out at the end of next month on Kemado. This is what it looks like:

Broken Hymns, Limbs and Skin


Tourwise, the gold folks of O'Death are going to be playing the continent of Europe next, and will be back in Brooklyn at the Music Hall Of Williamsburg on Oct 30. Get more tour info at Ye Olde Myspace.

Oh, and if you have not heard their Pixies cover of "Nimrod's Son", then you gots some clicking to do... right here.

Myspace page is here.
Kemado page is here.
Ernest Jenning page is here.
Daytrotter Session is here.
Take Away Show is here.
eMusic page is here.

Consider CLCIKing
- G vs B posts XXXChange and A-Trak remixing the song "Ka$h" by Mr. James Pants (also some Memory Cassette)... here.

- Something to du later today???

- Have you heard the psychrock of The Golden Hand Before God? Listen: "Blood Of November" (pop echo mp3)

- I (Spazz) Rock Cleveland posts some new new new Child Bite... here.

- We Versus The Shark have released their latest Murmurmur cover song: "Dummy Discards a Heart (Deerhoof Cover)" (quote unquote mp3)

- The MCs/production team CYNE has put together a reworking of a track by Pattern Is Movement. Listen: "Sound Of Your Voice (CYNE Remix)" (terrorbird mp3)

- Increase Your Weirdness has rediscovered the awesomeness of Op Ivy. If you want your sound system to pick you back up, click... here.

O'Death in non-photographic form:

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Thursday, September 18

September 2007 Mix

Holy shit! September 2007 rocked. Remember it with me.

Download the zip: "September 2007 Mix" (sendspace)

1. "adeadenemyalwaysmellsgood" (beggars mp3) by Future Of The Left

2. "Knowledge In Hand" (box.net mp3) by The Forms

3. "We Are Gods! We Are Wolves!" (hardly art mp3) by Le Loup

4. "The Psychic" (stationary heart mp3) by Double Dagger

5. "Neck Escaper" (upset the rhythm mp3) by No Age

6. "Perfect Skin" (fanatic mp3) by Health

7. "To Fix The Gash In Your Head" (killer rock and roll mp3) by A Place To Bury Strangers

8. "Duplexes Of The Dead" (ysi mp3) by The Fiery Furnaces

9. "Attitude (Misfits Cover)" (box.net mp3) by Mika Miko

10. "The Punks Are Writing Love Songs" (mp3) by Tullycraft

11. "The Girl (Beck Remix)" (ysi mp3) by Dr. Dog

12. "For You" (mp3) by C.O.C.O.

13. "The Killers" (toolshed mp3) by Robert Pollard

14. "Car Radio" (mp3) by Spoon

15. "Jenny I'm Sneaking Out" (mp3) by Oranges Band

16. "You Is My Hot Rabbit" (box.net mp3) by No Age

17. "Heart And Soul Dub" (social registry mp3) by Jah Division

18. "A Sunday Smile" (mp3) by Beruit

19. "A Big Deposit" (box.net mp3) by Please Dept.

20. "Guitar Feelings (Unmastered)" (box.net mp3) by The Muggabears

21. "NO MORE LONG YEARS (Risk Remix)" (franki chan mp3) by Matt & Kim as remixed by Risk.

22. "Up On Your Leopard, Upon The End Of Your Feral Days" (scjag mp3) by Sunset Rubdown

Consider CLICKing
- Aural States has a new contest plus an awesome Thrushes mp3... here.

- You love covers, right? Sure we all do. This week's Contrast Podcast is part one in a two part covers theme... "Covers that are very different (from the originals)" (mp3). Track list and deets... here.

- Yesterday, PTST brought us a "blast from the past," Soundgarden's Superunknown. Relive (for the second time for the first time) those halcyon mid 90's... here. Yes, "Spoonman" is a silly song. And "Blackhole Sun" was overplayed to the extent that I still can't listen to it the whole way through. But you know what, I was always fond of "Let Me Drown" (ysi mp3). The guitar sounds almost UltraMeg-ish. Dig it.

- Shoegazers, Panda Riot has a new new new downloadable at RCRDLBL... here.

- WTF???

- Finally, The Spinto Band have a new poppy promo mp3 for your listening pleasure from the upcoming Moonwink... "Pumpkins And Paisley" (daily rind mp3). Pre-order and get a free 7"... here.

September 2007 Mix

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YOUTUBE: Tell The World By Vivian Girls

Tell The World by Vivian Girls

Props GvsB.

Same song live @ EVRFest

Props to soundfreak1978.

Myspace page is here.
In The Red is here.
Plays With Dolls' myspace is here.
Woodsist is here.
Mauled By Tigers is here.
Pukekos post is here.


Tuesday, September 16

Teenage Lust (JAMC Cover) By Oliver North Boy Choir

I hope you enjoyed the indie NorgePop yesterday. Today, it's all about indie DanskePop. The good folks of Oliver North Boy Choir sent along a Jesus And Mary Chain cover that they put together for The Jesus and Mary Chain Covers Project. Enjoy.

Downloadable: "Teenage Lust (JAMC Cover)" (box.net mp3)

Myspace page is here.
Crunchy Frog is here.
Old 3hive post is here.

Downloadable BONUS: "Nest Of Terror" (mp3)
Streamable BONUS: "Adrenaline" (youtube vid)

Consider CLICKing
- Ted Leo put together the Rapid Response EP to "raise awareness and funds for specially selected organizations Minneapolis Food Not Bombs and Democracy Now! to help out those arrested during the [RNC] protests." You can get the digital download for a $4-20 donation... here. Let me tell you the lead track, "Paranoia (Never Enough)" finds Ted in his punk rock mode and when he sings "Don't get too comfortable" at the end of the chorus I felt chills (but it could be I left the window open). I should note that I did feel a similar chill when I heard him cover "Suspect Device (Stiff Little Fingers Cover)" (box.net mp3) a few years ago at the ERMP.

- Speaking of covers, S'gum posts one of the covers from the new French Kicks Covers EP... here.

- Ra Ra Riot's Daytrotter encore is available... here.

- Sixeyes thinks The Gorgeous Colours sound "old" but that's a good thing... here.

- If you didn't get Smithsonian Folkways' A Sound Legacy: 60 Years of Folkways Records and 20 Years of Smithsonian Folkways for free from eMusic a while back, you can get it from Amazon for $0, right now... here. If you do nothing else, get the free Leadbelly track, mmmkay?

Oliver North Boy Choir
Oliver North Boy Choir

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Saturday, September 13

Palmitos Park (El Guincho Cover) By Ruby Suns

Yes yes yes... this was available earlier this week on the Forkcast. But I am hoping that your rss feed for Pitchfork has been down.

Download: "Palmitos Park (El Guincho Cover)" (box.net mp3) as performed by The Ruby Suns

Can't say it is as good as the original, but you can understand the lyrics, sorta... well more than the original anyway: "Palmitos Park" (beggars mp3)

Watch the El Guincho video for "Palmitos Park":

Sub Pop page is here.
Lil' Chief page is here.
Memphis Industries is here.
eMusic page is here.

Consider CLICKing
- RSTB sings the 'I got the Black Moth Super Rainbow blues' (with an mp3 for "Milk Skates")... here.

- Also on p'fork this week was the new Salem "jam" entitled "Dirt" (p'fork mp3). Full post (with the vid posted about earlier this week) is here.

Ruby Suns

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Friday, September 12

Crystal Ladies By Blank Dogs

A Quick Post

Ok thanks a lot paper thin walls (and haha you're not closing, are you? really? fuck).

Now "Crystal Ladies" by Blank Dogs is stuck in my head. Perhaps my readers will be similarly afflicted by this Cure-y drone-y reverb-y goodness??

"Crystal Ladies" (box.net mp3)
"Three Room Window" (box.net mp3)

NOTE: If you like make sure to check out the band's blog (hint hint).

Troubleman Unlimited is here. (More LP pressings on the way).
Troubleman's eMusic page is here. (Blank Dogs not available yet, unfortunately).
Paper Thin Walls 'single file' is here.
S'gum Band To Watch feature is here.

Upcoming Todd P Show:


Sunday September 21st --8PM-- @ DCTV (formerly the temp location of the Tank)

:: BLANK DOGS --------------> debut show
:::: Eat Skull
:::::: Psychedelic Horseshit
:::::::: Little Claw
:::::::::: the Intelligence

[ DCTV ] formerly the temp location of the Tank
87 Lafayette St @ White St | Downtown, Manhattan
NQRW46JMZ to Canal | NEW TIME! --> 8PM | all ages | no phone | $7

Mr. Blank Dogs

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Thursday, September 11

Die Allman Bruder By Ponytail

I thought I would do a little public service today. So I am going to post some "energy-based music" to help you get going and do that thing you are supposed to be doing right now instead of reading this. So listen to this...

Downloadable (CORRECTED!): "Die Allman Bruder" (box.net mp3) by Ponytail

If you also require visual stimulation, watch this...

Downloadable: "Die Allman Bruder" (now we are free mov)

"Official" site is here.
Now We Are Free is here.
Creative Capitalism page is here.
eMusic page is here.
ptw guest edit is here.

Consider CLICKing
- Some light reading concerning myths about this date seven years ago... here.

- Ohboyohboyohboy... The Black Kids, Titus Andronicus, The Ruby Suns, The Royal Bangs, and Aesop Rock all have Daytrotter sessions coming up.

- A Different Stripe posts about Right To Write... here. It's a new project "whose mission is to provide a repository of information and support for individuals needing to learn more about their intellectual property rights in the face of legal intimidation."

- Two (more) vids for your optical enjoyment today. The first is the new El Guincho vid for "Palmitos Park" @ Gorilla Vs. Bear (here) and the second is the creepy new Salem vid @ Big Stereo (here).

- I Rock Cleveland gets h-e-a-v-y with Fucked Up... here.

- Some Velvet Blog ponders what it would be like to be "dropped into the inside a game of Mario Super Brothers" (with Adventure)... here.

- Music Slut reports that The French Kicks are readying a remix covers EP... here.


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Wednesday, September 10

The Mae Shi Want You To Download These Mp3s

So, I recently learned that a couple tracks I posted by The Mae Shi had been deleted by my hosting service due to a "copyright infringement" complaint. So, I wrote to Brad Breeck about the deleted files. He wrote back "if it's not too much trouble to repost the mp3s, we'd love to have them available for people." (emphasis mine). Without further ado.

"The Melody" (box.net mp3)
"Boes" (box.net mp3)

If you are the person who (still) believes a copyright is being violated here, please email me. If these are taken down again, I will look into some new hosting options.

Myspace page is here (with a link to buy HLLLYH directly from The Mae Shi).
KRS page is here.
Moshi Moshi is here.
S.A.F. Records is here.
Amazon Mp3 page is here.
Emusic page is here.

Consider CLICKing
The 'Gum Drop this week is Vivian Girl flavored. Get it here.

The Mae Shi

Oppressions Each By Brightblack Morning Light

Yes, yes... Sonic Youth is now a Matador recording artist. We are all very excited. But today, I have a couple tracks from a different Matador artist -- Brightblack Morning Light. This is not "get up and go" music. This is "I am sick of Mazzy Star and need something to play late and night when I am slightly drunk and overtired" music. It's not something I play all that often, but it fills a niche.

Motion To Rejoin comes out Sepember 23.

"Oppressions Each" (box.net mp3)
"Hologram Buffalo" (box.net mp3)

Myspace page is here.
Matador page is here.
eMusic page is here.
Preorder Motion To Rejoin here.

Consider CLICKing
- When You Awake has a mix put together by BJ of Parts & Labor. It is entitled "Top 10 Countryish/Folkish Songs By Artists That People Don't Consider To Be Country/Folk" or "Top 10 Weird/Punk Songs For People Who Only Listen To Country/Folk Music". Get it here.

- The Shaky Hands new album Lunglight is out. Get it here or here or maybe here. Listen: "Loosen Up" (mp3)

- Sebastien Grainger was one half of DFA1979. If you take out dance and you take out the punk from DFA1979 apparently what you are left with is North American 'rawk'. His album Sebastien Grainger & The Mountains comes out Oct 21. Listen: "American Names" (saddle creek mp3)

- I'd like to pass on a recommendation that Palin use "Roses" (youtube vid) instead of "Barracuda" (youtube vid) as her intro music now that Heart has sent the McCain campaign a C&D. Huffington Post has some deets... here.

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Tuesday, September 9

STREAM: Safe For The Time Being (Low Scores Remix) By Mason Proper

So, yesterday I mentioned the Low Scores remix of Mason Proper in the Consider CLICKing section, and today I have it available for your downloading streaming pleasure.

Stream: "Safe For The Time Being (Low Scores Remix)" (imeem)

The Mason Proper remix contest is here.
Mason Proper's Olly Oxen Free comes out on Sept. 23. Preorder it here.
Mason Proper Daytrotter Session is here.

Low Scores Myspace page is here.
Low Scores Last.fm page is here.

"Son Of Bitch Shit" BONUS: "Amateur Hour" (box.net mp3)

Consider CLICKing
- You know who is doing some free remix EPs. Get the first one... here.

- Spinner has the new new new mp3 of "Offend Maggie" by Deerhoof... here.

- Swan Fungus posted a bunch of Squirrel Bait demos... here.

- The nyctaper recording of Vivian Girls' performance at the EVRMF is available... here.

- WTF?

Mason Proper Remix

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Sunday, September 7

Kalise By El Guincho

Are the beats laid down by Barcelona-based 24 year old Pablo Diaz-Reixa a/k/a El Guincho "the new world music"? Maybe. His album, Alegranza! does mix traditional island song, African rhythms, and sampled psychedelics. It will be finally be released in the good 'ol US of A on October 7th via Young Turks/XL Recordings (and according to GvsB "remastered and possibly somewhat de-sampled"). The fact is, this album casts a spell on me -- it puts me in a trance. I fucking love it. It's definitely a runner up for album of the year.

"Kalise" (box.net mp3)
"Palmitos Park" (box.net mp3)

This is what Alegranza! looks like.

Discotecaoceano is here.
Mistletone is here.
XL Recordings is here.
Young Turks is here.
The Folías CD-R is here (zshare link).
Old GT link is here.
Pre-order the CD or double LP here.

Consider CLICKing
- OFF THE RECORD posts two songs by... uhhh, Songs... here. One song sounds like a "mellow Sonic Youth" and the other makes me think of Unrest. Listen to some Unrest: "Sugarshack" (box.net mp3)

- NEVVER posts a song by the five cats from the Motor City, MC5... here.

El Guincho

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Friday, September 5

Silence By Takka Takka

Tonight I miss Takka Takka, but fuck man to paraphrase thepunkguy this was a longass short week. But hey, just because I didn't feel like going to le poisson rouge tonight does NOT mean I can't share my favorite track from the new album.


Downloadable: "Silence" (box.net mp3)

Myspace page is here.
Ernest Jennings is here.
WOXY Lounge Act is here.
eMusic page is here.
Old GT post with "Everybody Say" is here.

Takka Takka BONUS: "Takers" (mp3)

Consider CLICKing
- High Places new new new album (which leaked a while ago) is going come out soon (9/23). Listen: "From Stardust To Sentience" (thrill jockey mp3)

- Kudos to GvsB for making me re-watch this... "Epic" (youtube vid) by Faith No More. We are not ready for full on 90sretroinvasion, are we?

- Raven Sings The Blues sez "There's no doubt that Vivian Girls have captured the attention of quite a few this year." More + mp3... here.

- File under Bad Luck City for NYC: "NYC Craft Beer Week"

- Looks like the East Village Radio Music Festival might be moved to Sunday. Click here at 6am Saturday to find out.

Takka Takka

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Thursday, September 4

Fear And Loathing In Mahwah, NJ By Titus Andronicus

Purveyors of springsteenpunkblues, Titus Andronicus seemed to be playing in NY every five minutes this Summer. Amazingly, I missed every show.

So, they have a gig at Maxwell's with LA tropicalpunks Abe Vigoda and newnewwavers Love Is All coming up on October 13.

This may be the show where I finally get to see the band that lays down these hot summer jamz...

"Fear And Loathing In Mahwah, NJ" (box.net mp3)
"Joset Of Nazareth's Blues" (box.net mp3)

Tix can be purchased... here.

Titus' blogspot is here.
Troubleman Unlimited is here.
eMusic page is here.

Consider CLICKing
- Hello From Promoland:
"The Hope That House Built" (beggars mp3) by Future Of The Left
"Twice Born" (matador mp3) by Fucked Up

- Watch Rage Against the Machine rock out a capella style at the Republican National Convention @ We Drink Old Gold... here.

- WTF??

Titus Andronicus

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Tuesday, September 2

The Next Best 26 Downloadables Of 2008 (So Far)

Let's look back on the past few months, here are the next best 26 downloadables of 2008 (so far).

"Antoine And Birdskull" (box.net mp3) by Jaguar Love

"Black Rice" (flemish eye mp3) by Women

"Calypso" (box.net mp3) by Abe Vigoda

"Catalogs" (FIXED box.net mp3) by Double Dagger

"The Cock-A-Doodle-Doo-Of Democracy" (box.net mp3) by Shooting At Unarmed Men

"Come Saturday" (box.net mp3) by The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart

"Cooker" (made out of babies mp3) by Made Out Of Babies

"Crimewave (Crystal Castles vs. David Wolf)" (box.net mp3) by Health remixed by Crystal Castles and David Wolf

"Dilo Como Yo (Remix)" (box.net mp3) by Patato & Totico remixed by Antibalas

"Electric Arc" (box.net mp3) by The Oxford Collapse

"Four Beds for BOAT" (box.net mp3) by BOAT

"Fun" (box.net mp3) by Screaming Females

"Ghost In The Trees" (box.net mp3) by Thee Oh Sees

"GO to WHERE its Clear" (box.net mp3) by Paul Fuster

"In 'N' Out Of Grace (Live in Berlin, 1988)" (sub pop mp3) by Mudhoney

"Little Sisters Of Beijing (Brenmar Remix)" (box.net mp3) by These Are Powers remixed by Brenmar

"Never Stop" (box.net mp3) by Deerhunter

"No More Long Years (Crimp Yr Hair rmx)" (box.net mp3) by Matt & Kim remixed by Crimp Yr Hair

"Nude" (daily rind mp3) by Melvins

"Play Your Part (Pt. 1)" (box.net mp3) by Girl Talk

"Rum For You (Edit)" (box.net mp3) by BUKE AND GāSS

"Sea Legs (Low Scores Remix)" (box.net mp3) by The Shins remixed by Low Scores

"Terminal Five" (box.net mp3) by N** Y*** T****

"Was It You (Demo)" (spoontheband mp3) by Spoon

"We Are Young" (box.net mp3) by The Shaky Hands

"Where Do You Run To" (box.net mp3) by Vivian Girls

The first 23 mp3s are here.

Consider CLICKing
- For your viewing pleasure: "With Confidence Anthem" (youtube vid) by BOAT

- New New New Kristin Hersh mp3: "Mississippi Kite" (cash mp3). This one is extra Throwing Muse-y.

- WNYC's Soundcheck presented "The Story of Sonic Youth" (wnyc mp3) yesterday. Show info is here. Sonic Youth is here. Listen: "Expressway To Yr Skull (Edit)" (box.net mp3)

- Paper Thin Walls has leaked my favorite track (so far) from the presently iTunes-only Deerhunter album, Microcastle. Get "Nothing Ever Happened" here. Did you know PTW is calling it quits. Sucks, right? Unless this is some joke and they relaunch. I'm just wondering if Parts & Labor is going to have two drummers now???

The Next Best 26 Downloadables Of 2008

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Monday, September 1

George Washington By Meho Plaza

So... Meho Plaza, the album by Meho Plaza has been on my ipod for a while now and I figure it is time to share a couple of tracks that have been sticking in my head of late. In case you are unfamiliar, Meho Plaza are from LA and they play noisy synth driven rock n' roll.

"George Washington" (box.net mp3)
"Your Future Looks Bright" (box.net mp3)

Myspace page is here.
Better Looking Records is here.
eMusic page is here.
Old GT posts are here and here.

Streamable BONUS:
"I Sold My Organs" (youtube vid)

P.S. Hey Meho Plaza, come to NYC!

Consider CLICKing
- It's Labor Day, listen to the Free Speech Radio News special Labor Day documentary: "Disappearing Rice Paddies" (fsrn mp3)

- I had a chance to check out Pop Tarts Suck Toasted's 4th Anniversary show on Saturday. Who rocked? Boy Genius (They have a whole early 90's Western Mass Indie + Harmonica + Harmonies thing happening), Brilliant Sweaters (I hear they like Green Day, haha... seriously they have the whole power pop thing down), and N** Y*** T***** (They're awesome. An old GT post is here). I did miss The Great Unwashed, and after checking out their myspace I was pissed I didn't get there earlier. Take a listen: "Mirage A La Mode" (box.net mp3)

- YANP has a live version of a new new new Spoon song... here. Also, download the latest Spoon Bonus: "You Gotta Feel It (Rehearsal)" (box.net mp3)

- Download BOAWS' monthly mix, like now... here.

- Internet blog Sheena Beaston posts a Hearts Revolution remix of a song by riot grrrls Huggy Bear plus the original of said song... here.

- The Bat And The Bird considers the "Headache" (youtube vid) single by Frank Black. Check out them b-sides... here.

Meho Plaza

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