Wednesday, April 30

Live: Precision Auto (Superchunk Cover) By Les Savy Fav

Les Savy Fav have a new album, entitled: After The Balls Drop 3AM 1-1-08 NYC (get it? Balls Drop? uhhhhhh yep).

It ends with four covers...
"Debaser" (youtubed original vid)
"Astro Zombies" (youtubed original still)
"Sliver" (youtubed original vid)
"Everybody's Gotta Live" (youtubed original still)

Here is Les Savy Fav doing a cover that is NOT on their new album.

Downloadable: "Precision Auto (Superchunk Cover) (Live)" ( mp3)

Myspace page is here.
Southern page is here.
French Kiss page is here.
Amazon mp3 page is here.
Emusic page is here.

Consider Clicking
- Live @ The Cake Shop on Friday
The Muggabears
slasher risk!
Plus, Saturday looks to be CRAZY with 3 to 3 with 3

- Bushwick Is Beautiful reviews the new Portishead on vinyl, track by track... here.

- With all the 80's nostalgia flying around out there, why not actually listen to something LITERALLY from the 80s. A boot of The Go-Go's @ Beehive Candy... here.

- Here's some new indie garage pop from Motocade: "Soap Opera" (mp3). Watch the vid... here.

- Warped Reality says goodbye to the Too Pure arrow (boo, 4AD)... here.

- Finally, Cryptonites want you to remix their song "Can't Give You Up" more about that... here.

Les Savy Fav

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Tuesday, April 29

Rat Is Dead (Rage) By CSS

First, not a lolcat:

This cat lives at Webster Hall. His name is Coco. He was photographed by someone in CSS. I think... I mean it's from their website, so I think it's a good assumption, no?

This cat

And now "The Post":

Do you know these hands?

css hands

They belong to CSS. This image associated with their new song from their new album, Donkey (which comes out this summer).

"Rat Is Dead (Rage)" (sub pop mp3)
"Rat Is Dead (Rage)" (csshurts mp3)

Provided you haven't downloaded the song from here or here or here or here or here or here or here or here or here or here or here or here yet.

Myspace page is here.
Sub Pop page is here.
Wiki Wiki Wiki here.

Consider Clicking
- Watch "Courtship Dating" by Crystal Castles @ Stereogum... here.

- The Rawking Refuses To Stop does not like High Places... here. Does this mean they have truly made now? They are experiencing blog backlash. Stop The Hate! with "New Grace" ( mp3)

- New New New Boris (w/ Merzbow), and I didn't even read about it on ptw first! "Flower, Sun, Rain" (mp3).

- There's a Bradford Cox themed post over @ music is art... here.

- The latest Contrast Podcast is all about "Sloth" (mp3)... here.

- Quasi is a band I had totally forgot about (sorry, Quasi). Luckily, they have a new Daytrotter session to help me (and possibly you) get reacquainted... here.

- EAR FARM made a mix for Brooklyn Based. You can listen to the "mux"... here, or download the whole thing in a zip... here.

The mix:

- Weiland + Albini = [shoulder shrug]

- WTF... Cigarette shapped tea?

- Did you get it this past weekend? If not, don't worry you can get... Free Free Kitten! "Seasick" (mp3)

- "Broken Calculator" (mp3) is a song by Royal Bangs. I think you should download it.

- Got an old pc? Put Xfce on it... here.

- Math + Rock = Polvo. More @ captain's dead... here.

- "Three Women" (p'fork mp3) is a new song by Stereolab. Dig the french electronic pop weirdness @ the Forkcast... here.

- NEVVER commits "harakiri" with The Ponys... here.


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Monday, April 28

Burning Saddles By Ponytail

Baltimore purveyors of "energy-based music," Ponytail have a new album out in June, but all I have from it is this here teaser. So I'm just gonna post some older tracks.

"Burning Saddles" (sxsw 2007 mp3)
"All Together Now" (mp3)

BUT WAIT, New New New track "Beg Waves" is available @ Said The Gramophone... here.

"Official" site is here.
Now We Are Free is here.
Creative Capitalism page is here.
Emusic page is here.
ptw guest edit is here.

Consider Clicking
- Intelligence is extra fuzzy garage rawk. Listen to "Moon Beeps" @ ptw... here.

- Listen to the DNTEL remix of "Nude":

- The Awesome/Sad "Roma" boot of Nirvana's last show is up @ captain's dead... here.

Ponytail teaser

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Saturday, April 26

Tonight: Double Dagger/ So Glos/Sh Sh Sh Shark Attack/DINOWALRUS/Bombs

Tonight @ Death By Audio
Presented by Brooklyn By Hand

Double Dagger
Listen: "Luxury Condos For The Poor" (mp3)
Also: Double Dagger guest edits ptw... here.


So So Glos

Sh Sh Sh Shark Attack
Listen: "Bad Water Chromosome (Demo)" ( mp3)

Listen: "Numbers, I Hate Numbers" (mp3)

Listen: "The Excitement" (

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It's Epidemic By The Cops

Holy Fuck! (no not that Holy Fuck) Seattle based rockers, The Cops have a catchy ass slab of riffs you really need stuck in your head.

Like Now!

"It's Epidemic" (mp3)
"Terribly Empty Pockets" (mp3)

Myspace page is here.
Mt. Fuji Records is here.
There's a few more The Cops mp3s here.
Emusic page is here.

BONUS: Listen to "The Cops Live On KEXP" (mp3)
KEXP Podcasting info... here.

Consider Clicking
- Q: Is 2:42 the ideal song length? A: Find out @ EAR FARM's Muxtape... here.

- Parts & Labor want YOUR SOUNDS for their new album... here.

- Nerd Alert!

- pomo-classicrockers White Demin do a Daytrotter session... here.

- FRICTION NYC declare My Bloody Valentine Friday (that's yesterday)... here.

- Wait, you're telling me that the new Free Kitten song "Seasick" is not a The Jesus Lizard cover. DAMN... here.

The Cops

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Friday, April 25

Cocksuckerbastardmotherfucker By Necropolis

I don't know if you know it but, Necropolis rocks. You can tell by looking at their url for their myspace page: So, if you didn't know it before, you know it now. Today for your consideration I have the b-side on the Workingman 7".

Listen: "Cocksuckerbastardmotherfucker" ( mp3)

The 7" is sold out right now, it should be back in print this Summer.

CDR is here.
Emusic page is here.
Mining post is here.

Consider Clicking
- Said The Gramophone posts the postrocky goodness of "God's Asshole" by one Family Of Love... here. Here is the much noisier: "Relax Attack" ( mp3)

- Kudos to Eric for holding out so long.

- Hardy Heron, anyone?

- It's Spring, and the Grunge is blooming... here.

- Dig the song (by Le Loup), the vid? not so much... here.

- Theme From Nutrider? Theme From Nutrider? Theme From Nutrider? Theme From Nutrider? By 40 Thieves @ XXJFG... here.

- Listen to Cut Off Your Hands cover Split Endz... here.

- NEVVER wants you to listen to some new Breeders... here.

- We Vs. The Shark totally started me on this weird early Voivod flashback, must be the tuning on the bass.

"Hello Blood" (mp3)
"Mr. Ego Death" (mp3)


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Thursday, April 24

I Sold My Organs By Meho Plaza

Meho Plaza are loud, not quite Times New Viking loud, but loud nevertheless. These here mp3s surfaced around a couple months back, but I just listened to them recently and I like. And so, I post:

"I Sold My Organs" (mp3)
"The Beach" (mp3)

Myspace page is here.
Meho Plaza's Muxtape is here.
Better Looking Records is here.

Consider Clicking
- Listen to a band that used to be on Better Looking Records, but now is no more, The And/Ors... "Flexiclocks" (mp3). The And/Ors have moved on to other projects... here and here.

- It's official, "Call It A Ritual" (sub pop mp3) is a Wolf Parade song.

- Fluxblog has a post featuring new new new The Roots... here.

Meho Plaza

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Wednesday, April 23

The McLaughlin Group By Andrew WK

Did you listen to "Andrew WK on Fair Game" ( mp3) when I posted about it... here? If not, you missed some best the 50 some odd seconds of "over-the-top rockulism" this year.

Listen: "The McLaughlin Group" ( mp3)

This is the lyrical core of the song:

If it happens Pat
May he rest in piece peace
Death comes in the night
On little cat's feet
The next man on the moon will be Chinese

Listen to the whole Fair Game clip (above) to find out what it means. As to getting it out of your head, that's your problem.

Andrew WK's official site is here.
Myspace page is here.
Load Records page is here.
Read about Andrew's possible hairpiece and some other weird shit at his wiki.

Load BONUS: "Big Party" (mp3)

Consider Clicking
- So, Low Scores (formerly Bulk Buttons) failed to be chosen for the Jamie Lidell remix contest. Wanna hear what was prolly a little too weird for Jaime? "a little bit of feel good (ls remix)" (mp3)

- New New New * No Age + Religious Knives = XXJFG... here. Speaking of No Age, the Cloak/Dagger album is entitled No Age. Does this album sound like No Age? Find out @ CYSTSFTSS... here.

- More No Age. Watch them play Juan's Basement @ p'fork tv... here. Speaking of p'fork, did you see them profiled in Businessweek... here. Sellouts! (I kid, I kid). Also new at p'fork, they posted by Sinkane led Sudanese immigrant Ahmed Gallab... here. Listen: "Autobahn" (p'fork mp3).

- Vice Records has two free mp3 you might want to check out. Both are from their new "gigantic band" division:
"Three Eyes Open" (vice mp3) by Dark Meat
"Torture" (vice mp3) by King Khan & The Shrines

- Captain's Dead has a kickass boot of Ugly Casanova (one Isac/Isaac Brock). Make sure you listen to bluegrassed-up version of "Styrofoam Boots"... here. Listen: "Things I Don't Remember" (sub pop mp3)

- Instrumental Analysis has a review of Double Dagger's live show... here. Listen: "Rearranging the Digital Deck Chairs (Live on WFMU)" (mp3)

- NEVVER posts "Shake Shake" by The Coathangers... here. Want more Coathangers?? Watch "Tonya Harding" (vimeo)

- New New New Grizzly Bear @ EAR FARM... here.

- White Demin "mess you hair up" @ spinner... here.

- Hey UK, The Black Lips (through BoobySands) have posted a sing along version of "Bad Kids" (youtube).

- Whoa! ATP + MBV in NY

- More free NIN... here. Remix it... here.

- Bushwick Is Beautiful makes the case for the electrofolk stylings of Goldfrapp on vinyl... here.

Andrew WK

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Monday, April 21

City Boy By White Arrows

Normally when I receive a highly compressed mp3 submission into the trash it goes... but not LA-NYers White Arrows. This catchy-ass tune is compressed down to 96 kbps. Instead of sounding like it was recorded inside a tin can, this bit of post-punk actually sounds good... or pretty good (or my ears are finally going). Anyway, listen.

Downloadable: "City Boy" ( mp3)

Facebook page is here.
Buy their EP on iTunes here.

Also, This ad for White Arrows' CD has some giggles associated with it

Consider Clicking
- Increase Your Weirdness posts some raw raw raw PeeJ... here.

- NEVVER wants to "wreck your flow" with a Dirtbomb(s mp3)... here.

- BOAWS recomends the new Thalia Zedek Band album. Perhaps you know, Come? Well, this is less "gut-wrenching"... here.

- Listen to something blippy: "Afro Oven" by COPY


detailed twang
pitchfork dot tv


White Arrows

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Sunday, April 20

Record Store Day

So yesterday was Record Store Day. I wanted to participate, but I was also feeling lazy. After a little clicking I found the closest "participating" store to my abode. This turned out to be Record Express.

Record Express On Record Store Day

It was open (barely). They happen to be liquidating their stock. No freebies here. No Merge 7"s. Boo. They did have just-about-free-bies. I walked up to a bin and started digging.

CD bin @ Record Express

There was a lot of CRAP (plus CRAPS by Big Dipper anyway).


I did find me some... I don't want to say gold. I'll go with silver. I found me some silver. What did I find at Record Express? One recording I had had on cassette and never replaced, Gobblehoof, which features ex-Deep Wound-ers J Mascis on drums and singer Charlie Nakajima. Listen to some Amherst post-hardcore circa 1989:

"Torch" ( mp3)
"Upside Down" ( mp3)

I also picked up a totally out of print Rhino compilation DIY: Starry Eyes - UK Pop II (1978-79). For a limited time, you can download The Records track that inspired the title of the comp:

"Starry Eyes" (ysi mp3)

Would I have made these purchases for a total of $1.08 at Sound Fix or Other Music?? I am thinking, no, prolly not.

Read more Record Store Day posts here and here and here and here and here.

Consider Clicking
- Street date for HEALTH//DISCO is May 13th, 2008. The one track I have been listening to over and over on this one is "Lost Time (Pictureplane Remix)" ( mp3). Percussive!

- Spinner vid of the other day: "LES Artistes" by Santogold... here.

- The Turn Ons are giving away their new album, Curse (zip). Of course if you likey, you can pay what you want Radiohead-style.

- New Hanway Troof remix of High Places @ GvsB... here.

- Motel De Moka posted a mix entitled La Radiolina featuring some kickass African artists... here.

- Brooklyn powerpop-ers Bridges And Powerlines have a new one. Listen: "Uncalibrated" (mp3)

- Bluegrass + Beats = Rench @ 3hive... here. Download "Gangstagrass" (zip)

- Funeral Pudding has posted a boot of Polvo playing Merge Records Fifth Anniversary Party, and they do a Hüsker Dü cover and a Steve Miller cover, plus more!... here.

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Thursday, April 17

The Shittiest Song On This Record By Parts & Labor

Last weekend, I posted a really short song... "This Is What You Wanted" ( mp3) by Part & Labor. It comes from the Escapers Two EP (it's got 51 songs in 30 minutes). It's a Post-Mersh-esque explosion of an album (except it ain't a compilation of EPs). I picked it up at the Parts & Labor/YACHT show last night. I thought I would share "The Shittiest Song On This Record" ( mp3).

The funny thing is every time I type "Escapers Two" I have to stop myself from typing "Neck Escaper(s Two)" (mp3). Methinks I have been listening to too much No Age.

Some shots from the show last night:

Parts & Labor

Everyone but Sarah
Parts & Labor

Parts & Labor

Parts & Labor

Fingers go into ears
Parts & Labor

Flickr page is here.

Escapers Two BONUS:"Fire Away" ( mp3)
What they sound like when they write longer songs BONUS: "A Great Divide" (mp3)

Myspace page is here.
Jagjaguwar page is here.
Cardboard Records is here.
Ace Fu is here.
Emusic page is here.
Buy Escapers Two here.

Consider Clicking
- P'fork's P'cast posted up some fresh El Guincho remixing AiH, whom as you probably know are quite remixable... here. Listen: "Like It or Not (El Guincho Remix)" (p'fork mp3)

- Seen the Health vid for "Heaven"/ad for the retro-Winter Olympics?? Watch it here.

- Spoon? fm Broadcast? Captain's Dead!... here.

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Wednesday, April 16

Tonight: YACHT/Parts & Labor/Stars Like Fleas


Doors @ 8PM

Stars Like Fleas
Parts & Labor (@ 10PMish) - "Fractured Skies" (mp3)
YACHT - "So Post All 'Em (Instrumental)" ( mp3)

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Hairvest By When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth

And now for something with guitars. Lots of them. Ok, there's two.

It's something from Texas.

Something from... When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth, if you will.

A seven-piece with two drums, two guitars, two vocalists, and one other guy (I guess he plays bass). A supergroup comprised of members of Tuxedo Killers, Awesome Cool Dudes & Oh, Beast!. The full length, Not Noiice will be released May 13th on Chalk Circle (Wow! what a web presence).

"Hairvest" ( mp3)
"Finally Grunge" ( mp3) (a jab at/or tribute to Finally Punk?)

Emperor Jones is here.
Chalk Circle Records is on myspace.
Furniture Records is on myspace.
Wiki Wiki Wiki (the movie) here.

Consider Clicking
- WTF?

- If only I lived in Seattle (or could take the time to fly there in July to see a show/fest).

- PTST recommends Frightened Rabbit. Find out why... here.

- XXJFG posts a Brother remix of "Chrome's On It" performed by TelepathE... here.
BONUS 1: Want more Brothers? listen... "Fader Mix" (mp3) (tracklisting) BONUS 2: The rcrdlbl link to the Telepathe version of "Chrome's On It" is... here.

When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth

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Tuesday, April 15

Corkscrew Trepanation By Lumerians

SF psych'ers, Lumerians have an EP that is just filled with krauty-goodness. They mix up synth and organ and bass and drums and some vibraphone for good measure. But no guitars? Don't worry, you won't miss 'em.

"Corkscrew Trepanation" (mp3)
"Orgon Grinder" (mp3)

Myspace page is here.
Subterranean Elephants! Recording Company is here.

Consider Clicking
- p'fork has two bits of digital culture for your consuming ears (and eyes). (1) The new digitalious Animal Collective vid is here, and (2) The new Sunset Rubdown side project (ha!), Wolf Parade has a new song... here. Speaking of Sunset Rubdown, when was the last time you listened to this?? "Up On Your Leopard, Upon The End Of Your Feral Days" (mp3)

- Listen to The Instruments get all pyschfolky on you @ captain's dead... here. Ok ok, here is one of mp3: "Sound Electric" (mp3). Go to captain's dead for the other.

- Though I am quite partial to the fIREHOSE cover, The Radar Bros. version of the Superchunk classic is really growing on me. Listen: "Slack Motherfucker" (merge mp3)

- XXJFG gets all "smelly" with it's readers by posting a song by Abe Vigoda that you may remember from this post, but maybe not. I don't know. Also posted are Jay Retard and Finally Punk... here. Speaking of Finally Punk, here is there first 7", a little ditty named "Manatee" ( mp3)


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Monday, April 14

Gratification To Concrete By Robert Pollard

You've got to hand it to Bob Pollard. The dude can write. And write. And write he does. This feels like it was written with a can of EZ-Cheez. Don't let that stop you...

Listen: "Gratification To Concrete" (mp3)

Note: Robert Pollard is no longer on Merge Records. He is now putting stuff out on his own label Guided By Voices Inc. His latest is entitled Robert Pollard Is Off To Business. It has 10 songs in 35 minutes making it a "departure from form" for Mr. Pollard. It come out on June 3rd, 2008.

Maybe you know Robert Pollard's other band (and I am not talking about The Psycho And The Birds)

Listen: "Everybody Thinks I'm A Raincoud (When I'm Not Looking)" (GBV mp3)

Myspace page is here.
Merge page is here.
Wiki Wiki Wiki here.

Consider Clicking
- Increase Your Weirdness is spreading the TAD-love across the internets... here.

- YANP has Free Blood (former !!!) that has been blog-ulated... here.

- Have yourself your own mini-SXSW right at yr computer with WOXY presents
domino records SXSW showcase 2008

Some selections
Frightened Rabbit - "WOXY @ SXSW Lounge Act" (mp3)
The Kills - "WOXY @ SXSW Lounge Act" (mp3)
A Place To Bury Strangers - "WOXY @ SXSW Lounge Act" (mp3)
Sons & Daughters - "WOXY @ SXSW Lounge Act" (mp3)
These New Puritans "WOXY @ SXSW Lounge Act" (mp3)
The Whip - "WOXY @ SXSW Lounge Act" (mp3)
Working For A Nuclear Free City - "WOXY @ SXSW Lounge Act" (mp3)

Robert Pollard

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Sunday, April 13

(I'm A) Don Juan By The Embarrassment

So I'm like twenty so odd years late getting into The Embarrassment, but take a listen to the song below. They were way (way) ahead of their time. If I were to write that they were the latest band from say Brooklyn or Philly, would you really question such a statement? I just want to thank the dude/dudette... person that wrote the description for Oxford Collapse which is where I first remember reading about them. Speaking of Oxford Collapse, have you check out their Daytrotter session? But wait back to The Embarrassment...

Downloadable: "(I'm A) Don Juan" ( mp3)

My Pal God BONUS: "Faith Healer (Live)" (mp3)

Myspace page is here.
Bar None page is here.
My Pal God Records page is here.
Wiki Wiki Wiki here.
Emusic page is here.
Purchase heyday 1979-83 on iTunes... here.

Consider Clicking
- Head over to Sixeyes to get a rip of Spoon performing "Don't Make Me A Target" (totally different mp3) live on Sound Opinions, plus the rest of the Sunday Mix, plus some Feist... here.

- Q: A noisy/experimental blend of indie rock and folk? A: Sleeping States. Listen: "River (Edit)" (mp3). Daytrotter session is here.

The Embarrassment

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Saturday, April 12

Cat Swallow By Royal Bangs

According to the Royal Bangs, they sound like: "BEEEP BEEP BEEP bumpbumpbump WHOOOOO beeep beep whiizz." That doesn't sound quite right to me, but I don't care. Know why? Because, this is cram-packed with awesomeness.

Downloadable: "Cat Swallow" (mp3)

Maybe you heard them here? No?

Myspace page is here.
Audio Eagle is here.

Consider Clicking
- Holy Shit! 51 songs 30 minutes! Parts & Labor have a tribute to their "favorite loud and fast bands, a cram session of ideas snatched from the Melvins, Man is the Bastard, Melt Banana, and Napalm Death, as well as 80s indie/punk songsmiths like Mission of Burma, Hüsker Dü, Minutemen and The Wipers." Listen to this: "This Is What You Wanted" (mp3). Excellent! Buy it... here.

- MISSING TOOF has posted the LAZRtag extra-electro re-remix of Health Vs. Crystal Castles "Crimewave (CC RMX)" ( mp3 of the original Crystal Castles remix). Get with the re-remix... here.

- Speaking of Health, there's some great HEALTH photos @ sctas... here. Soooo much better than mine.

- NEVVER asks "How Do You Know?" (posting The Lyres)... here.

- Flying is playing tonight. Will I make it to the show this time? "All I know I my gut says 'Maybe'". Listen: "Minors" (mp3). For more shows this weekend check out PTST... here.

- Have you seen the waterballoon/sillystring/confetti/unidentified fluid filled vid of the new Spinto Band song "Summer Grof"? Here it is. Also, Pasta Primavera has the mp3... here.

- The Teeth drop some more tracks for Daytrotter... here.

Royal Bangs

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Friday, April 11

Eraser By No Age

A Quick Post

The non-Sub Pop sanctioned version has been floating around the internets for a while now. Maybe you downloaded the bits that compose it? If not, you can get it now. What am I talking about?

Listen: "Eraser" (sub pop mp3) by NO AGE

Sub Pop page is here.
PPM page is here.
Upset The Rhythm page is here.
FatCat page is here.
Nouns deets are here.
Order the new 7" here.
Get it digital-style here.

No Age Nouns promo by Ed Templeton


Thursday, April 10

Red Gun By The Forms

One of the best albums of last year, The Forms by this band named The Forms has been on repeat here GT World Headquarters for a while.

Listen to two tracks from The Forms:
"Red Gun" (mp3)
"Bones" (mp3)

The Forms are presently are doing a minitour with Cloud Cult. The deets are up at Ye Olde Myspace. Of course, I am going to miss them this time around, but hey that's my problem not yours.

Oh, and if you don't know "Knowledge In Hand" (mp3), well then... you have some listening to do.

Three Spheres are here.
Emusic page is here.

Consider Clicking

- New New New SP00N BONUS, a demo of "Cherry Bomb", no no no, it's "You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb". Listen: "Cherry Bomb Country" (mp3). Also seen... here.

- Awesomeness! "Shove Your Hope Where It Don't Shine" @ NEVVER... here.

- Motico have posted a new song... "Electronic Detective" on the myspace. It makes me think of Grant Hart for some reason. Listen... here.

- KEXP posts an interview with Le Loup band leader Sam (Simkoff)... here.

- More Neo-Psych fun with The Young Sinclairs! Dig it! "Engineer Man" (mp3)

- PTST's Band of The Week? It's The Jealous Girlfriends. More about that... here.

- Dude, I could listen to Mike Daisey read the fucking phonebook. You think I am joking. I am not... ok, I am. Anyway listen: "How Theater Failed America (Opening)" (mp3)

The Forms

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Wednesday, April 9

Periwinkle Blues By Spanish Prisoners

Man... a whole bunch of releases of note yesterday. I have to admit one band that was not on my radar (until just a couple days ago) was Leo Maymind's Brooklyn indie roots unit Spanish Prisoners. They have a new album out too. It is called Songs To Forget. You should probably check it out.

"Periwinkle Blues" ( mp3)
"Where God Does His Laundry" (mp3)

Myspace page is here.
Exit Stencil is here.
Emusic page is here.

Consider Clicking
- Hey Vampire Weekend Listen Up! African Drums @ XXJFG... here.

- Where is "Leopard Man At C & A" By The Dirtbombs?? @ NEVVER... here.

- WTF, Snoop, Double-U-Tee-Efff??

- Whaaa... new El Perro Del Mar, and me without any Assbring jokes. Damn! "Glory To The World" (mp3). So Cheerful, So Sad.

- On a totally different note, stream new Torche @ torche-meanderthal dot com or download a new track @ s'gum... here.

- Hey Sub Pop, what is up with yr mp3 pricing?? Look at the price for 8-Way Santa... here. Then look here. AHHHH!!! Are you just trying to recoup your digitization costs? C'mon. And to the dude on Amazon selling 8-Way Santa for 35 bucks... Fuck You!

Spanish Prisoners

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Tuesday, April 8

Well Fuck You Then By Dark Meat

So, this is Dark Meat (a/k/a Dark Meat Vomit Lasers Family Band):

I get the feeling that they like these:

What do you think?

Downloadable: "Well Fuck You Then" (vice mp3)

Vice Records is here.
Paper Thin Walls 'single file' is here.
Emusic page is here.

Consider Clicking
- The Daily Growl has a post dedicated to the #1 four letter word, f-u-c-k... here.

- Thee Oh Sees sing the blues over at Raven Sings The Blues... here.

- Have you seen yet? If not, this is a good place to start.

- Brooklyn Vegan has some South Street Seaport 2008 dates (hint hint... Atlas Sound, APTBS, others)... here.

- The Music Slut has a link to The Muggabears talking out the evils of the major label deal + one mp3... here.

Did you see Dark Meat yesterday? Well, they are playing tonight:

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Saturday, April 5

Only The Young By Traindodge

So, this week's Contrast Podcast is part one of the second CP mix swap.

Listen: "CD Swap 2 (Part 1)" (mp3)

More about the podcast... here.

I received my CD from SiD from Too Much Rock. The theme? URININE Records 1997-2004. I found out about a bunch of band I had never done heard, including: The Believe It Or Nots, The Hillary Step, and Park Ave. However, I did pick a band familiar to me. So, what band did I pick? Traindodge! I had first heard about Traindodge at the blog Built At A Weak Spot (which is where I take care of all my midwestern rock/noise needs). Later on, kept recommending Traindodge my way. So. Get. Ready... For Norman, Oklahoma's own... Traindodge.

"Only The Young" ( mp3)
"The Raining Room" (mp3)
"Five Forks" (mp3)

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- Tullycraft posts the song "1991" by Crystal Castles. Find out why... here.

- WTF!

- Muzzle Of Bees has a whole bunch of mp3s from upcoming releases designed for your weekend... here.

- Here's yet another sidebar update:

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Friday, April 4

It's A Fact (Printed Stained) (Mano RMX Feat. Hollywood Holt) By Matt & Kim

This has been around for a short while. It is stuck in my head and will not get out. But I don't care, 'cuz it's awesome. Now I infect you. Muhahhhahaaa!

Listen: "It's A Fact (Printed Stained) (Mano RMX Feat. Hollywood Holt)" (source: franki chan) by Matt And Kim

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- Go get 'em quick... Radiohead on BBC @ Sixeyes Mp3 Blog... here.

- New New New Centro-Matic: "I, The Kite" (mp3) (with props that happen to be mad to captain's dead).

- Architecture In Helsinki is streaming up some new material at ye olde myspace page... here.

- Motherfuck! The Rolling Stones are available at eMusic... here.

- Speaking of digital music sales... now iTunes is bigger than Walmart in the US. I guess they added a new genre section, Trite Crap.

- These Are Powers punk up some ghosts @ Surviving The Golden Age... here.

- Royal Bangs is an anagram of Yo Banal GRS. I am not quite sure what that means. Read about them at I Rock Cleveland... here.

- I went through the Pitchfork Guide To Upcoming Releases Spring 2008. This is what we are excited/interested in @ GT World Heaquarters:

The Black Keys: Attack & Release [Nonesuch]
The Sword: Gods of the Earth [Kemado]

04-08 (DAMN!):
The Breeders: Mountain Battles [4AD]
Clinic: Do It [Domino]
Dead Child: Attack [Quarterstick]
The Duke Spirit: Neptune [Artist First]
Eric Avery: Help Wanted [Dangerbird]
Fleet Foxes: Sun Giant EP [Sub Pop]
Foals: Antidotes [Sub Pop] [North American release]
Jay Reatard: "See/Saw" 7" [Matador]
Man Man: Rabbit Habits [Anti-]
MSTRKRFT: Remixes Vol. 1 [Last Gang]
New Bloods: The Secret Life [Kill Rock Stars]
No Kids: Come Into My House [Tomlab]
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin: Pershing [Polyvinyl]
Tapes 'n Tapes: Walk It Off [XL]
Thee Oh Sees: The Master's Bedroom Is Worth Spending a Night In [Tomlab]
Torche: Meanderthal [Hydra Head]
Wye Oak: If Children [Merge]

Black Francis (Frank Black): Sv N F Ng Rs [Cooking Vinyl]
The Jealous Girlfriends: The Jealous Girlfriends [Last Gang]
Portishead: Third [Island]

04-19 (Record Store Day):

TheDeathSet: Worldwide [Counter Records]
El Perro Del Mar: From the Valley to the Stars [The Control Group] [North American release]
Monotonix: Body Language [Drag City]
The Night Marchers: See You in Magic [Swami/Vagrant]
The Replacements: Various reissues [Rhino]
Sonic Youth: SYR7 [SYR]

Cajun Dance Party: The Colourful Life [XL] [UK release]

Awesome Color: Electric Aborigines [Ecstatic Peace]
The Roots: Rising Down [Def Jam]
Santogold: Santogold [Downtown/Atlantic]

Animal Collective: Water Curses EP [Domino]
Four Tet: Ringer [Domino]
The Long Blondes: Couples [Rough Trade] [North American release]
Matmos: Supreme Balloon [Matador]
No Age: Nouns [Sub Pop]
Pattern Is Movement: All Together [Hometapes]


Free Kitten: Inherit [Ecstatic Peace]
French Kicks: Swimming [Vagrant]

Steinski: What Does It All Mean?: 1983-2006 [Illegal Art]

Fleet Foxes: Fleet Foxes [Sub Pop]
Robert Pollard: Robert Pollard Is Off to Business [Guided by Voices, Inc.]

Karen Dalton: Green Rocky Road [Megaphone]

Wolf Parade: Kissing the Beehive [Sub Pop]



The Melvins: Nude With Boots [Ipecac]

Matt & Kim

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Thursday, April 3

April 2007 Mix

It's time to look back and reflect again... Let's look back one year to April 2007.

The Downloadable: "April 2007 Mix" ( zip) (mirror: sendspace)

Artists Featured:
Aa (a/k/a BIG A little a)
The Big Sleep
Black Lips
Cadence Weapon
Dead Kennedys
Hot Gossip
Love Of Diagrams
Low Scores
The Muggabears
The Ponys
Pretty Girls Make Graves

The Playlist:
April 2007 Mix

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- Straight outta Lawrence, Kansas, it's Boo And Boo Too @ I Rock Cleveland... here.

- 20 Jazz Funk Greats was very disturbed by Gary Numan's Newport Folk Festival moment... here.

- Algebra Of Need gets Built On A Weak Spot... here.

- Pyschpop it up with The Young Sinclairs and their new mp3... "Canceled Flight" (mp3)

- Teh Songs Of Teh Day @ My Music it has a flavor are by Cut Copy... here.

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Tuesday, April 1

Spy/Glass House By Feral Children

Time fer some indie rock with the Feral Children.


"Spy/Glass House" (mp3)
"Saint" (mp3)

Sarathan page is here.
Luckyhorse Industries page is here.
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Consider Clicking [DISCLAIMER: If any of this is an April Fool's joke, sorry.]
- Kristin Hersh on Daytrotter!!! go here. NOW. Also Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin... here.

- This is NOT TWEE! AC/DC's kickass track "Live Wire" (youtube) Live! @ Tullycraft's blog... here.

- Björk Björk Björk! (1) Post Tribute @ s'gum (here), (2) p'fork posts the Liars cover on said tribute "Army Of Me" (p'fork mp3) (here), (3) I post the Helmet cover >>>> "Army Of Me" (ysi), (4) she is part of Record Store Day (April 19), (5) there's a new video for "Wanderlust" (here), and (6) new album info @ 17dots (psst... she's working with Britt Daniel) (here).

- poetry + lolcatz = this.

- KEXP blogs about 8-bit thrash wonders Crystal Castles ... here.

- thepunkguy has a muxtape... here. Everybody's got a muxtape but me!

- More Teenage Prayers mp3s! Just for you! (1) "Dreams Of The South" (mp3) and (2) "I'm In Love Again" (mp3)

- Low Scores project Day Of The Woman is here.

- wtf?

- Get three free + legal downloads at Fingertips... here.

- Wow, this captain's dead post is all over the place, but it ends with a massive 1989 Smashing Pumpkins boot... here.

Feral Children

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